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  1. L2Free
    Since 2012 providing adventure and unique moments to all players! Starts 30 March. Do not miss!
  2. L2Special
    L2Special - 25x High Five Server
  3. neenasalvotore
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  4. L2Helios
    New, spring, charged with High Five x1700 PvP drive with high starting online 3000+ waiting for its heroes HTTP://L2HELIOS.NET
  5. L2-Name
    Launch Test Server March 2! Opening server March 9, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. +3GMT.High Five x50 is a server with a maximum focus on the game play.
  6. Dunlander
  7. djanimarani
    djanimarani la2dream
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    Sureviagra Cart
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  9. L2Immortal
  10. L2Way
  11. Michael
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  12. Haden111
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  13. ombreprom
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  14. *L2BurningSoul*
    Server em Teste
  15. L2Renaissance
    L2Renaissance Winter Season Grand Open 26-11-2017 19:00 GMT +2 SHARED ALL AND GET REWARD!
  16. L2 New Chronicle 500x PvP
    L2 New Chronicle 500x PvP
    | Open 28/10/17 | Interlude | Rates 500x | Sets: Eternal / Immortal / Seraph / Twilight | Weapons: S/ Icarus/ Vesper | Farm Itens |
  17. l2venice
    L2Venice H5 x15 Mid-rates PvP
  18. Defuse
    ... today we would like to present a great showcase for the implementation of the possibility of obtaining special weapons DRAGON series.
  19. EzLandia
    EzLandia Network - we deliver fun!
  20. L2Edge
    L2Edge - L2 Edge - The Best H5 PvP Server
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