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    DESTARION.COM - Lineage 2 High Five - PvP x1000!

    We invite everyone and everyone to plunge into the fascinating world «Hunter»
    The world of Lineage 2 High Five is waiting for you whom you have not seen yet!

    Opening of the world «Hunter» 14 April at 19:00 GMT +3.
    On the opening day, we give unique gifts to all players!

    Our advantages:
    • A game platform of its own development.
    • A unique gaming world thought out to the last detail.
    • An experienced and responsive team of the project will always solve any problems.
    • The total absence of "shadow" sales of gaming values.
    • Own hardware in Data Center of France.
    • An Internet channel with a sufficiently large bandwidth.

    On the server you will find:
    • High online, players from different countries!
    • Strongest clans, established parties and alliances!
    • PvP battles 24/7 and a hot Olympiad!
    • Constant promotion support of the server!
    • Stable operation of all project resources!
    • Quality assurance and protection from third-party software!

    Full description of the server:

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