For a 12th pick Sean Gardner/Getty Images Unless a couple of the Giants' top choices fall at any tim

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    For a 12th pick Sean Gardner/Getty Images Unless a couple of the Giants' top choices fall at any time into their laps Zach Ertz Jersey, LSU WR Odell Beckham junior. Is known as a Giants' selection if the Jets don't trade up and get to him first. The Giants went on a colossal spending spree this offseason, Doling down $116.3 million in shrinks to 25 players, Involves 15 free agents from other teams. In a lot of ways they completely rebuilt their team and made it a lot deeper. This is actually the somewhat hidden truth about what the Giants have done, Due to $73.7 million of that spending spree went towards 12 preventive players. Walton, Shelter Geoff Schwartz), But they still left themselves with sufficient of glaring holes. For may be, As the Giants head in the NFL draft that begins on Thursday night, Ask these questions : these questions: Who is the Giants' Opening Day cracking open tight end? Who is their third beneficiary? Who is the backup running back? The answer to all of those questions for the time being is unknown. Also new is this: Just how much more resilient is their offensive line, Getting into consideration their left tackle(Definitely Beatty) Might not be equipped for Opening Day, His or right guard(Chelsea Snee) Is 32 and coming off hip and elbow procedure, And their community(Walton) Hasn't played in two years due to a wounded ankle? Shoppers, From everything I've been told from various sources in and out of the Giants' organization, This may very well be an offensive themed draft for the Giants. And from several sources acquainted with the Giants' draft plans, I'm told they will likely take an offensive player with the 12th overall pick in the draft. Comprehend, You find out whom. I'll roll up. But first I should convince you I'm in a slump. I had a excellent run of nailing the Giants' draft plans and, In some respect, Picking their exact picks from 2002 into 2010. The last many years my performance has been well let's say it's been a bit spotty. Throughout 2011, Like the competition, I was beaten by the shocking fall of CB Prince Amukamara. In 2012 I foolishly terminated the running back chatter that led to them taking David Wilson. And last year I did think they wanted an attack lineman, But I went someplace else with my pick way, Way elsewhere because I thought all rear doors would be gone and I never even gave a fleeting thought to them taking Justin Pugh Jordan Hicks Jersey. But this year i want to think I'm back on my game. Time will state, To be able to. But I think I've had little difficulty figuring out their plans than in the last two years. First, The Giants have some obvious holes and from my talks with various sources they seem even more determined than ever to fill them through the draft. (This is why, Really, Purchasing for their clients, They say they'll all you have to the"Best you can buy player, I'll save you my usual rant about why which is a"Fabrication, You can read my 2011 version of that on this link. It has definitely stood the ages). Stage holes will the Giants look to fill first? Easily, Winner Cruz campaigned for a big Wendell Smallwood Jersey, Outside receiver to step into Hakeem Nicks' comprehensive(Yet stress prone) Footwear types. And what's promising for him is that the sentiment in the Giants' draft room is they'd like to grant his wish. They've been drooling over without needing taking Texas A receiver Mike Evans at No. 12 and putting his 6 5 body before Rueben Randle on the depth chart. As GM Jerry Reese asserted, "The jury's at present out" On whether Randle is usually a No. 1 individual, But they sure do believe he is seen as a good No. 3. (Resulting in nil, Nobody in the firm is sold on Jerrel Jernigan just because he had a couple of good games at the end of last year). For a while over the past month there were even a few people in the Giants' hierarchy that thought Evans would be there. Now they are resigned that he'll probably be gone in the Top 7. Maybe including the Top 5. That realization led them to pay attention to their next glaring hole along the offensive line. The good news there is theres bunch of top prospects: Auburn's Greg brown, Michigan's Taylor Lewan, Florida A Jake Matthews and Notre Dame's Zack Martin. They've had no hope that Robinson will be there and are sure Matthews will be gone, Absurdly. However love Lewan, And aren't fearful of the"Warning flag" On his mechanics, And for a while they were confident that he'd be there, Significantly. Proper without hesitation, They are certainly not so sure. From what appears told, The Giants now assume both Evans and Lewan will be likely gone by the time they pick in the first round. And it would appear that the Giants have no current plans to trade up to get them. Which might change if either player gets to around 10, But only if its cost is right. And my guess is they will not give up a second round pick to move up. Perhaps a third, If another team is prepared do it. So if the two objects of the Giants' desire have ended, How much then? You can find several seemingly obvious options: One is new york tight end Eric Ebron, Who'd obviously fill a glaring hole on the Giants' roster. But from what i am told, The Giants have actually zero interest in him. In reality, One source said there's"No bet" They take him from inside the first round. I don't know if that's because they do not like the player or just don't think it's worth taking a tight end in Round 1, Or if they think they have viable alternatives on their current roster. Probably it's blending all of that. Regardless of, He does not seem like in the mix at all, And I will be mesmerised if they take him at 12. Could they appear to a defensive player? Maybe Pittsburgh sheltering tackle Aaron Donald or Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix? Its possible. Yet, The sentiment I've gotten in the Giants' organization is that the first round pick will be an offensive player. I don't think either of those two is definitely the pick. Mosley and as a result UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr. Another possibility mentioned occasionally is LSU receiver Odell Beckham Jr. His name really has only come up lately in colaboration with the Giants, In part because the impression is he's a little small(5 11) For what they're looking to find in a receiver. He's a huge playmaker, Albeit, Seizing 59 passes for 1,152 gardens and eight touchdowns last season. He has 4.4 speed and a tantalizing in order to run after the catch. And what about the obvious choice and the late choice of many the mock drafts from what I can see Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin? He makes a lot of sense. He's got usefulness and can play guard or tackle, Which helps the Giants due to their current uncertainty along the line. If Beatty is not ready to start the summer season, Justin Pugh could move to left tackle and Martin could part of at right tackle. If Beatty is prepared, Martin could be a top backup at any position along the line and given the condition of the line I outlined above, He might end up in a prominent role before later. He may also project as a future starter at right guard, As this is Snee's final season, Or at tackle if Pugh becomes which one moves inside. I've never gotten the sense make fish an Giants love Martin, Just that they like him. That is certainly an important distinction that high in the draft. Maybe if these people were picking a little lower in the first round he'd be their choice Darren Sproles Jersey. But I don't even think they think Martin is quite as good as Lewan. I also think there's a strong sentiment in the draft room that what is needed get a player that can actually have an impact right now. The theme of this draft is to get help for Eli Manning and they should not sit around and wait for a player to develop. That's why I believe if the Giants, As you expected, Can't get Evans or Lewan there choice will likely be Odell Beckham Jr, The type of 5 11, 198 pound person from LSU. From now on, Let me hedge my bets and say this: If Evans or Lewan remain I think the Giants would pick them(And in this order). They want Evans and could use a run on quarterbacks and maybe a few trades in the Top 10 to drive those players down towards 12. Here is another hedge: Beckham, To be able to some scouts, Has gotten a lot of late love from teams in the Top 15 and could go greater than expected. There's already been one report that says the Jets are trying to move up into the Top 11 to get him and that they specifically want to get watching the Giants to do it. If someone else gets to Beckham first Chase Daniel Jersey, I would guess the Giants will choose instead Martin. They might even be prepared trade down to get him. But if everything works as I expect that Evans and Lewan are gone and the Giants have their choice of Beckham and Martin I belief that when the Giants make the 12th overall selection, LSU device Odell Beckham Jr. Will wind up being their guy. Join the transmission: Wikipedia email Nowhere Screen / About Ralph Vacchiano has been since the NFL and the Giants for the Daily News since 2001. He is the Giants core for SNY TV, A number on SiriusXM NFL Radio, And he wrote ebook on Eli Manning(Eli Manning: The Making of a qb, Skyhorse putting up 2007).

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