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    L2 Interlude PVP Server! [NO MULTISKILL]



    Xp/Sp: x5000
    Adena: x5000
    Party Xp/Sp: x2
    Safe enchant: +3
    Max enchant: +20
    From Vote Event: +25
    Enchant Rate: Progresive
    Blessed Enchant Rate: 100%


    Custom Armor Weapons Same Stats
    Vote Event: Every 100 Vote In Top-Hop-Net Event Open For 6Hours And Collect The Items - With Chance From PvP
    PvP Master Of The Hour Take Hero Aura And Passive Skill
    Clan With Castle Take Passive Skill
    4 Castel For Siege
    Auto Pots With Right Click
    PC Buffer: 3 hour duration
    Giran Main Town
    Autoloot (Regular drop in bag, Boss drop on ground)
    Augmentation Skill Chance: 20%
    Clan Level Maximum: 8
    Nobless: Quest
    Olympiads Every week
    Sieges Every week
    Respawn Protection (30 secs)
    Raid / Grand Boss Respawn
    Baium Respawn : 24 Hours Drop RB jewels
    Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 2:30 Hours
    Custom Raid Boss: 2:30 Hours
    Other Bosses are Retail.

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