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    NEW Classic Interlude x50 Craft-PvP [EURO PTS]
    Official START: July 13 at 20:00 (GMT +3)

    About server:
    Chronicle: Interlude
    Platform: Euro-PTS
    Conception: Craft-PvP x50
    Server name: Phoenix
    Server time: GMT+3

    11 reasons to play on L2-Rage.com:
    High-quality compilation (Euro-PTS, not Java)
    International project global scale
    Server without donate, which affects to game balance
    Unique protection
    Always high online
    Optimised game client - without critical errors and delays
    Only best server hardware
    Truly classic, beloved by all
    We present to You a gifts
    We answer on all Your questions
    We value Your opinions

    Read full description on https://l2-rage.com

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