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    L2 WarFare

    After more than 1 year working hard L2 WarFare brings you a sample of what our official server will be, we are pleased to invite you to be part of this closed beta in which you can test everything from the server, our ideal is to make a server to Our players' taste which has the right balance and is not like the typical server that die soon, we look for a server that can last for many years, that's why we want to invite you old players of l2, clan leaders, community lover of the l2.

    who speaks to you is a veteran player of l2 who started on c3 and together with a staff of programmers and former players we want to bring you a server that you can say ... I finally found a server in which I will be able to spend pleasant moments with my friends.

    We hope to have the participation of all you dear players of Lineage 2 and at the same time in our forum in which we will put different pools so that together we can choose the best rates of the server and give our community a space to play at ease.

    without more to add we expect them.

    Web: l2.wf/

    Forum: https://forum.l2.wf/

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