L2Best.Ru Interlude MultiSkill server x1 Grand Opening 19 January!

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    server link = http://l2best.ru/

    Full description of Interlude MultiSkill server x1 [ALL CLASSES ARE EQUAL]

    Server Rates:

    Server rates with Premium Account: EXP: x1; SP: х1; Adena: х1; Drop: х1; Spoil: х1; Quest Drop: х1;
    Server rates without Premium Account: EXP: x2; SP: х2; Adena: х2; Drop: х2; Spoil: х2; Quest Drop: х2;

    Server Chip [NEW]:

    · All professions are absolutely equal; now there are no mages and warriors on the server, but there are Magical Warriors or Warrior Mages, who like it more!
    - Parameters of all professions and races: 40 STR, 40 INT, 25 DEX, 25 WIT, 50 CON, 50 MEN.
    (The difference is only in skills from the original profession, but you can easily learn new skills from any profession without problems)
    This innovation will make the game even more interesting! And also solve the issue of class balance!
    Now you can play, for example, your favorite elf or gnome and not be afraid that some important parameters of another race are higher. Also you can choose how to use this or that bias (the Magician or the Warrior) and at what stage and under what circumstances it is better to use it. (Whether it's PVP, farm bosses, spoil or Exping!)
    For example, by creating a magician, you can swing like a warrior with a two-handed man! And your physical attack will be no less than that of a pureblooded warrior! The only thing, you will need to learn the basic limits and passive skills from warrior professions!

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