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    » Xp 1200x.
    » Sp 1200x.
    » Adena 1000x.
    » Drop 50x.
    » PartyXp 1000x.
    » PartySp 1000x.
    » Starting level 80.

    Enchant rates:
    » Safe enchant (+4).
    » Max enchant (+25 With crystal from +20).
    » Enchant Armor-Jewelry (+25)
    » Enchant Max Weapon(+25)
    » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 55%.
    » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 100%.
    » Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 80%.

    Custom items:
    » Ancient Weapons. [Colored Hero Glow]
    » Custom Tattoo.
    » Custom Armor.
    » Raid Boss Jewelry[ONLY RB-Farm].

    Unique features:
    » Auto Learn Skills.
    » Auto Loot.
    » No Weight Penalty.
    » Class Masters Enabled.
    » Custom NPC's.
    » Custom Raid Bosses.
    » 60 Buff Slots.
    » Clan Hall System.
    » 15 Second Unstuck Command.
    » Spawn Protection.
    » Sieges Working.
    » Duel System.
    » All Skills Working.
    » Ancient Weapons can be enchanted.
    » PvP Color System.
    » Karma Gain/Loss : 240-10000.
    » Drop Items At Karma. » PvP Color System.
    » Party Zone(need at least 3 members to teleport)

    Server Npc's:
    » GM Shop
    » Global Gatekeeper
    » Custom Buffer
    » Account Manager
    » Augmenter
    »Skill Enchanter
    » PvP-PK Manager
    » Vote Manager
    »Symbol Maker
    » Class Changer
    » Sieges Manager
    »Donate Manager
    »Clan Hall Manager

    »Castle Manager

    Voiced commands:


    Clan System:
    ».Instant level 8 Clan once the clan is created
    »All clan members get clan skills doesnt matter main clan or guards
    »Custom Clan skill item in order to get clan skills

    »Double Domination
    »Last man Standing
    »Lucky Checsts
    »Simon Says
    »Team vs Team
    »Capture the Flag
    »Mutant Event
    »Corean Event

    Raid Bosses:
    »Epic Bosses: Respawn: 6 Hours

    »Custom Bosses: Respawn: 3 Hours

    »Noblesse Boss Respawn: 3 Hours

    »All Custom Bosses locations are flag zones

    »Epic Boss Drop: Raid Boss Jewel,Mid-Top Lifestones,Crystal Scrolls,Farm Items,Book of Giants + Insane Mask (Increase p.def & m.def)

    »Custom Boss Drop: Mid-Top Lifestones,Crystal Scrolls,Farm Items,Book of Giants.

    Solo PvP Areas:

    PvP Zone Information & Restrictions:

    »PvP System Including 3 different areas
    »No Bishops/Healers Allowed
    »You Cannot use party inside these zones
    »You can write in clan/party/alliance chat
    »if You write to all your name will be Saggitarius: Hello! Instead of test: Hello!
    »Your name will be Change with you class name
    »Auto Noblesse
    »Your Tittle / clan crest / ally crest will removed
    »Only IN Pvp Zone You can get pvp medals
    »Feed is not allowed
    »to leave pvp zone just press .exit ( this command works only in pvp zone)
    Custom Item while killing in these areas

    Olympiad game:

    »Olympiad Max Enchant +6 (Once you enter your armor stats becomes +6)
    » Retail olympiad game.
    » Competition period [1] week.
    » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] +2 GMT time zone.

    Vote reward:
    »Easy to gather Vote Stones: For every 5 votes to our vote sites you will be rewarded with 5 Vote Stones.

    »Vote Manager reward: 10 Vote Stones to each site vote.

    Website: http://l2insane.net

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