[L2J] L2Onset x20 H5 Opens 15.07.2017

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    LINEAGE 2 ONSET-High Five x20
    OPENING 15th July at 19:00 GMT+2
    OPEN BETA 12 July 2017


    BONUS: Only on the day of Opening 15.07.2017 all created accounts will receive a Premium account 1 day!

    Dear Players! We are happy to announce that Wednesday (12 July) at 12:00 we open the test server L2Onset High Five x20! You will be able to use Donated Coins to get BETA items and the Donation shop will be used as the BETA shop for the test server.. In addition, there will be a possibility to take part in the Olympiad and win rewards for the Grand Opening. The test server will be closed at 00:00 14 July. Official start is scheduled for 19:00 15th July 2017 (+2 GMT/UTC)​

    Server Rates:
    Experience (EXP/SP) : 20x
    Adena : 15x
    Drop : 10x
    Spoil : 10x Chance 2x
    Raid Drop 4x
    Safe Enchant: 4
    Max. Enchant: 16
    Olympics Max. Enchant: 6
    Normal Scroll chance: 52%
    Blessed Scroll chance: 55%
    Elemental Max. Level: 7
    Elemental Stone chance: 50%
    Elemental Crystal chance: 30%
    Weight Limit: x5
    Manor: x3
    Quest Drop Items 3x
    QuestsReward 3x
    Quest Adena: 3x
    Extract Fish: 3x
    Drop CommonI tems 1x
    Subclass: 3
    Free subclass quest
    Subclass max level: 85
    All classes are fully balanced

    Scheme buffer
    2 Hours buff time.
    Buffs slot 24+4
    Dance/Song slots 12
    Weekly Castle sieges
    Olympiad: 2 week
    Periods ends at 1 and 15
    Master items work
    Champions System
    Wedding System
    Community Board Alt+B
    Auto loot on
    Auto loot for raidbosses off
    Auto learn skills on
    Vitality system on
    Off-line Shop mode
    Off-line Buffers mode
    Auction System
    PVP Rang System
    Fully Working Geodata
    Full GMShop until S Grade
    Smartguard AntiBot System
    Max Clients per Pc: 5

    Global GK
    All blacksmiths in giran, MAMMON too
    GM Shop
    Vote Shop
    Event Shop
    Donate Shop
    Npc Buffer
    Vote Reward System
    Event Team vs Team -Classis
    TVT Event
    Lindior Event
    Achievements Event
    Premium Acc
    Vip Buffer
    Unique server protection
    Full antibot system
    DDoS Protection

    Professional Administration
    Interesting Gameplay
    International Community
    (Accounts are auto-created)
    Server Hardware
    Intel Core i7-6700K Quad-Core 4.0 GHz
    Hard disks 2x SSD 240 GB
    RAM 64 GB DDR4 2666 MHz
    Connection at 250 Mbps​


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