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    L2Name - High Five x100
    Opening 08.12.2018 at 17:00 (GMT +3)

    • Rates:
    EXP x100
    SP x100
    Adena x50
    Drop x50
    Spoil x20
    ClanRepScore x10
    Manor x10
    Quest x10
    RaidBossDrop x10
    Epaulette x10
    Fame x10
    Fish x10

    • Limits:
    MaxHP = no limit
    MaxMP = no limit
    MaxCP = no limit
    LimitPatk = no limit
    LimitMAtk = no limit
    LimitPDef = no limit
    LimitMDef = no limit
    LimitCriticalDamage = no limit
    LimitAccuracy = no limit
    LimitPatkSpd = 1999
    LimitMatkSpd = 2499
    LimitMove = 250
    LimitMoveHorse = 500
    LimitEvasion = 300
    LimitCritical = 750
    LimitMCritical = 30
    LimitFame = 100000

    • Uniqueness of the new server:
    Start Lvl - 40;
    Max members in clans - 15 + CRP and LvL Up for clans in Alt+B service;
    Penalty for invite in clan - 60 sec;
    Reduced stats for Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Blessed Freya;
    Epic Bosses Baium and Queen Ant 85 LvL;
    Craft Rare Vorpal and Rare Elegia;
    Drop and LvL up SA from Baium = Drop and LvL up SA from Dragons;
    3 RB in LoA + Knoriks have LvL up SA like Zaken (1 member in party random until 17 LvL);
    Olympiad start points = 30;
    Chance of rare craft + 7%, with Premium Accaunt 10%;
    Not sale equipment higher, than Vesper;
    You can get Mid_S84 and Top_S84 from Kamaloka (81-83) and Grand Raid Bosses;
    Sale Coin of Luck for Adena in the GM-Shop for fix price;
    Increase chance to get belts from Territory Wars;
    Autolearn skills;
    Subclasses without quest untill 85 lvl. Start LvL of subclass - 75;
    Weight x50 of standar;
    Buffer in Alt+B;
    32 (+4) buff slots and 12 for dances/songs;
    Manager of professions in Alt+B (professions are free);
    Buffer and Teleport are free until 81 lvl;
    Section for craft with many functions include Augmentation;
    Free get shadow equipment С, В, A-grade;
    You can insert the Life Stone and PVP Attributes to weapons and transferred weapons with Life Stones;
    .km-all-to-me 120 sec;
    AutoBan S-Guard, no bots;
    Limit for windows - 3;
    Technical support 24/7.
    The flags of all Castles return before each Territory Wars;
    Max enchant for Olf's T-Shirt +10 and other equipment +20;
    Safe Enchant +3. Chance to Weapon 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%); for other equipment chance 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%).

    More information about the server: https://forum.l2name.ru/index.php?t...r-x100-8-december-at-17-00-moscow-time.11024/

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