L2Pirate - Unique Interlude x1200

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    L2Pirate - Unique Interlude x1200
    Server opening date: July 1 at 20:00 GMT +3

    EXP: x1200 SP: x1200 Adena: x1200 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Quest: x1

    - Start level 20 in the TOP-D Grade things in the Pirates camp, 100kk adena at the start
    - Noblese Blessing at start
    - Sub-class without quest, Maximum 5
    - 36 slots for buffs, buff lasts 2 hours
    - 3 locations Pirate Coin: City of Pirates (for beginners), Gludin Bay (for medium), Runa Bay (for experienced)
    - Special zone for group farm: zone Shark
    - From all RB 76+ Pirate and Fun Coin fall
    - TvT Events, Capture of the Flag now take place on the ship at Zaken
    - Event Zaken's attack on the city of pirates
    - Event Lorei attack on the pirate camp
    - Event Kraken
    - Weapons of pirates
    - Pirate armor (Stats from A / S sets (DK, Draconic, IR) + 15% armor type)
    - Zaken's armor (Stats from all 3 types of pirate armor)
    - Swords of Zaken

    Striptease bar, pub and casino in the city of pirates, what else do real pirates need?

    More information about the server: http://forum.l2pirate.ru/index.php?/topic/42-abot-server/

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