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    L2Sanpiero is a mid rate farm/pvp server exp: x100 Sp: x100 Adena: x200, it is based on the features of the best servers and also on many new ideas. There is balance and equality. There are NO-DONATORS that have extreme enchant or skills, they can have only what a no-donator can farm. Thats in order to maintain the balance in game. We can guarantee no wipe and a safe long term gameplay. We provide 24/7 support, you can like us on facebook and ask for more details https://www.facebook.com/l2sanpiero/

    Grand Opening at Saturday 28/4 12:00 pm (GMT +3 Greece-Athens)

    Name color for:
    PvP Master
    PvP of the week
    Castle owner
    Clan leader 12+ active members

    Title color:
    100 PvP
    200 PvP
    500 PvP
    1000 PvP
    2000 PvP
    5000 PvP
    10000 PvP

    Siege every week (winner clan reward)
    Olympiad new hero every month
    Clan Hall Auction every week
    Vote reward: Vote coin + Vote buff
    Global Drop
    Special farm system with rec and dwarf spoil
    Speacial boss with quest
    Only one augument skill

    Auto events:
    ⇝ TvT
    ⇝ Last man standing
    ⇝ Champions (you fight 1v1 until only one survives)
    ⇝ DM
    ⇝ Bet PvP event (You add the ammount of the bet and when someone registsers fight 1v1)

    Auto announcements:

    Castle Lord Log in
    PvP Master log in
    PvP of the week Log in
    Vote remind

    PK- lvl difference protection

    Do you want more? Join us: www.l2sanpiero.com

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