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    Grand Opening 1st February at 20:00 +3 UTC


    24\7 Technical support. ✅ Work without wipes.
    ✅ Promotions and bonuses. ✅ Biggest online.

    Main information
    Server x50
    Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude


    • Exp: x50
    • Sp: x50
    • Adena: x10
    • Items: x30
    • Spoil: x15
    • Quests: x10
    • Rate in some quests: x3-x8

    ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry:

    • Safety +3
    • Max +16/+16/+16
    • On failure to discharge +3 if enchant with blessed scrolls

    When creating a new character:

    • When creating a new character is given such an items: Top No Grade + Soulshots: No grade + Scroll of Escape + 50000 aden

    Server Commands:

    • .autoloot: auto pick up items.
    • .setxprate: Rate settings to gain experience.
    • .autolearnskills: setting auto-learning skills.
    • ALT+B: bind to account HWID and Ip address, Donat section etc.
    • .away и .back: Afk mode can be used only in a peace areas.


    Getting from the first to the third class does not require the passage of quests.
    1-st profession for free and free gift 2 500,000 adena.
    2-st profession for free and free gift 5 000 000 adena.
    3st profession cost 50 000 000 adena and free gift Book of Giants.


    According to the concept of a Olympiad NCSoft.
    Automatic learning skills.
    Subclass without quest.
    Regular automatic Tournaments / Events with awards.
    No Donat things affect the game balance.
    Bonuses for voting on TOP sites.
    Item skills: static cooldown.
    / unstuck 15 seconds.
    The catacombs are open 24 \ 7
    According to the concept of a castle siege NCSoft.
    The maximum number of windows from one PC is 4

    Buffs / Buffer

    Number of slots: 36
    Number of debuff slots: 6
    Cost buffs: 1000 adena
    The duration of the buff: 2 hrs
    All buffs, dances, songs and buffs for pets
    Full recovery: MP, CP and HP

    Raid/Grand Bosses

    Zaken: 48 hrs + random 2 hrs
    Valakas: 11 days
    Core/Ofren: 36 hrs + random 4 hrs
    Baium: 5 days + random 2 hrs
    Antharas: 8 days + random 2 hrs
    Ant Queen: 1days + random 1 hrs
    Frintezza: 2 days + random 2 hrs
    Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless Boss): 3 hrs + random 30 minutes
    Conventional RB: 12 hrs + random 1 hrs
    Respawn Alliance RB (Varka\Ketra): 6 hrs + random 6hrs
    Drop Life Stone from Tyrannosaurus chance (40%-1) respawn 5 minutes

    Server&Web-site protection:

    Can bind account to HWID and Ip address.
    Protection from Brutus (password guessing), all known IG / OOG emulators game client (like bots L2Walker, L2.NET), Packet manipulators (L2PacketHack etc.).
    Anti-Dos and DDoS.
    Protection from Brutus (password guessing).
    Anti-Dos and DDoS.
    Protection against hacker break-ins.

    Head Shop

    • In the store is available all consumables.
    • Shots, potions, crystals and etc...
    • Weapons, armor and jewelry to B-grade for adena.
    • Simplified quest Nobless (all sold an item in gmshop).

    Further information - link

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