LastPvP - Interlude Classic x1200 OBT 06.03 19:00 GMT+3

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    Server High Rates:
    Exp: 1200x
    Sp: 1200x
    Party Xp: x2
    Party Sp: x2
    Adena: 2000x
    Drop: 1x

    Server Enchant Info:

    Safe Enchant: +64
    Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 60% Limit +20
    Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 70% Limit +20

    Server Machine:

    CPU: Intel Xeon W3550
    RAM: 16 GB DDR3.
    Raid 0 2 SSD double speed.
    Uplink: 1gbit Upload Speed.
    Auto Backups every 12 hours.
    Locatin in Europe .

    Server General Info:

    Service Manager that provides all type of needs to every player
    GMShop, warehouse, Augmenting, , Subclass change, Noble manager, Donations, Gender change.

    Farm zones:

    Classic farm zone in Varka , Ketra , Dino

    Goldbar exchange Adena .
    Drop Apiga,LS from Tyranosor
    Custom Lastpvp Boss

    Scheme buffer, 36 buff slots 2 hours duration

    Events : Lucky Chests , Random Fight , Treasure search , TVT , CTF
    Reward for PVP

    Olympiad system (6 hours long )
    HWId protection
    Heroes selected every Week

    Bonuses after OBT(Coin of luck)
    Bonuses for Clan 10+ players ( full clan skills)
    Guaranted bonuses (Coin of luck) search in our forum

    PS. Looking for English speaking moderators/streamers who will be live with our project . Thx

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