LifeDrain World - IL x100 - START 29/7/2017

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    The New Start: 29/7/2017 + BIGGEST UPDATES

    The last server's announcement:
    The announced events for players:

    The Newest server's info:

    What will I get on the new start day?
    *** Some a good prizes (rewards).
    *** Updated and fixed server with a some new things, all updates will be announced before server start.

    What kind of an events can I into participate at the moment?
    *** EVENT: Register your clan and get BONUS (Started)
    *** EVENT: Poster event! (Started)

    Why should I play at this server?
    *** Unique custom Java platform.
    *** Protection from bots.
    *** Game without wipe while server is not empty of players.
    *** Comfortable game without freezes and delays.
    *** PvP battles 24/7.
    *** Helpful and friendly administration.
    *** No corruption/secret donate.


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