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    • L2 Healer's is a Lineage II Interlude private server with rates 100x NO CUSTOM
      that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II.
      Our server was prepared carefully, based on several years of research
      and experience with Lineage II, in order to provide an incredible experience
      that you will never have on any other server.

    Server Rate

    • EXP: 100x
      SP: 100x
      Party EXP: 2.5x
      Party SP: 2.5x
      DropItems: 10x
      Adena: 150x


    • Server Similar to Retail (No Custom)
      GK Global In All Towns
      NPC Buff in All Towns
      Super Balanced Classes
      1st, 2nd and 3rd Quest's Free
      Super Events, with super awards and gifts
      Gm Shop Giran/Goodard/Aden
      Npc Buffer Giran/Goodard/Aden
      Gatekeeper in all as cities
      All Items Achieved Without Donater
      Free subclass
      Seven signs
      Nobless Custom
      Olympiads 15/15 days, Only for all classes.
      Sieges 7/7 days.
      Quest free job lvl20 lvl40 lvl76
      Barakiel - 4/4 Hours.
      All Bigboss OK
      Special Drops in Miniboss
      Vip System (Farm or Donater)
      Aiox System (Farm or Donater)
      Server Farm
      Staff Suport 24Hours On Line


    • Smartguard antiBot protection

    Buffs Setting

    • Max Buffs: 20 + 4
      Buffs Npc time: 1 Hours
      Buffs Aio time: 2 hours

    Enchant Setting

    • Maximum Enchant Weapon = +16
      Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +12
      Simple Scroll Enchant = 60% Possibility of success varied enchantment +14(25%) +15(20%) +16(15%)
      Blessed Enchantment = 75% Possibility of success varied enchantment +14(35%) +15(30%) +16(25%)

    Healer's Event Engine

    • Team vs Team
      Capture the Flag
      Simon Says
      Castle War
      Russian Roulette

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