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Discussion in 'L2 Staff Recruitment' started by SpirakosDafuq, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Jan 29, 2013
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    My name is Spiros and i am 21 y/o.
    I am from Greece and i live in Athens!
    I work as Administrator on a lot of servers since 2010 and i work as Developer since 2011!
    If you know about Lineage II Development you will know that you can't never say that you are professional or something!
    You will always learn every thing you will do it's something new for you.
    I have the knowledge,the time and i really want to do this..
    I don't do this for money or for the "fame" i do it cause i want to and everyday learn more and more things!
    Why i am here?

    I was ready to start a project with one friend developer but he had some personal problems so i'm solo now!
    I have almost ready this project till now but since i'm solo i can't open this project alone..

    What i need from you?

    I looking for a serious partner to start a serious project.
    I don't work now so as you can understand i don't have money to pay the dedicated and website host!
    I have the domain name and the server (with source ofc) so i will put the server + domain name and you will pay for the dedi + webhost and you will be my partner!

    You can have a Administrator character if you want to in game and if you have knowledge on this and you don't want just to be a partner ofc you can help me and you can have access for everything.

    I work on a Freya project and i work on this project almost 3 months it can be a mid or high rates PvP server for now it's a PvP server x100 with almost everything working great!
    But if you want to start another project with another platform we can do it but as you know we will need more time for this.

    If you want to see a preview of my project just contact me on skype and i can give you patch in order to log in the server and test w/e you want!
    Server is now hosted on my computer since i don't have the money for dedicated.

    If you want to be my partner and make a serious project together add me on Skype [ID: Psycho.Dialitis]
    Please only serious persons!
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    Aug 21, 2019
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    Hi Julia,

    If you are on the asia server and still looking for a home our guild is searching for a farmer We are very active. Add me if you are still interested Steam ID is hazza100

    [​IMG] ;-)

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