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    Web site: http://tempire.net
    The server will be opened on 17/02/2018 at 8:00 PM MSK .

    Full realization of the chronicles Freya> HighFive part 5.
    Full performance of all elite clan-halls, sieges, seizures of territories (Offlike PTS).
    The full performance of all Quests. From 1 to 85 levels (Offlike PTS).
    Full performance of all the skills, according to the official servers. (Offlike PTS).
    All characteristics of standard NPCs correspond to official servers. (Offlike PTS).
    Available Community Board - ALT + B. With all the possible features that we have on the project.
    The period of the Olympiad is 2 weeks. (The list of heroes is updated on the 1st and 15th of the month);
    The maximum tolerated weight is increased by 10 times;
    Auto-learning skills, including Forgotten;
    Automatic selection of items - at the player's choice (.cfg);
    Sub class without a quest.
    The maximum level of the sub-class is 85;
    The maximum number of sub-classes is 5;
    Quests are given to everyone, not just the finishing party;
    Chance of successful sharpening (standard) Weapon - 66%, Armor and Bijouterie = 40%;
    The maximum sharpening of the Weapon is 20;
    Maximum sharpening of armor and jewelry 14;
    Free offline trading (.offline);
    When you enter the instantiate zone - the buffs are not reset;
    All effects of buffs, de-buffs, dice, herb summoned sammons and the other when you exit the game are saved;
    AOE skills do not work for the CC and members of the alliance;
    the difference between a player and a monster, without imposing a penalty on a drop - 15 levels.
    When using EXP bonuses in a party, the average of all participants is calculated;
    Server's list of commands: .ping, .repair, .offline, .buffstore, .cfg, .whoami;
    There is an opportunity to purchase 1,2,3 professions, for adena;
    Slots for buff: standard: 36;
    Slots for dances and songs: 16;
    Slots for Debuff: 8;
    Available teleport to the catacombs for adena;
    Penalty for re-joining the clan - 1 hour;
    penalty for withdrawal from the alliance - 1 day;
    When you create a clan, the clan immediately at level 5;
    To increase the level of the clan, at any level - only at least 20 people in the clan are needed.
    The chance of successful grinding with attribute stones = 50%
    Chance of successful sharpening with attribute crystals = 30%
    The maximum number of slots in the inventory is 100.

    More information here: http://community.tempire.net/index....рвера-legacy-x1200-about-server-legacy-x1200/

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