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    Lineage2 CLassic 2.9 50x Server

    11.10.2019 19:00 Classic 2.9 x50 Secret of Empire


    EN Patch:


    Full implementation of chronicles Zaken + Seven Signs
    The administration does not participate in the game process, all policies and relationships are built only between the players within the game;
    Buffer - in Alt B (except for some buffs)
    Ordinary skills learn without books;
    Donations on the server do not affect the balance of the game (premium account, consumables, decorations, services);
    Slightly simplified start TOP NG weapons at the start of the scrolls and so on;

    Starting the Olympiad from the start, issuing heroism on the 1st and 15th. Fights every day from 18:00 to 00:00;

    EXP\SP x50
    Adena x100-30
    Drop x3;
    RaidBoss EXP x2(Drop x3)
    Spoil x2 (Кол-во x3);
    Quest x1-x3 (QuestDrop x3);

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