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    The wait is over! Dear players, we are excited to announce to you the grand opening of L2 Crystal Classic: Secret of Empire 2.9.5 x5. Grand opening: 23rd July.

    Classic version: Secret of Empire 2.9.5 (196 Protocol with Auto Farm)
    Experience (XP) / SP: x5
    Adena: x2
    Drop rate: x1, Drop chance: x1
    Spoil rate: x1, Spoil chance: x1
    Attribute Experience: x1
    RB XP/SP: x1
    RB Drop: x1
    Buffs 4 hours duration
    Auto Loot, Auto Learn Skills, Auto Create Account
    Maximum Clients per computer: 3
    Auto Events: Team Vs Team, Korean Style, Death Match every 1 hour
    Improved Elemental and Raid Bosses Weekly Sieges and Olympiad (with significant improvements)
    Gludio/Dion/Oren Castle Owners receive a cloak and 100 Vip Coins daily, Giran castle owner receives a cloak and 200 Vip Coins daily, Aden castle owner receives a cloak and 300 Vip Coins daily
    Free-to-Play Gameplay: Vip Coin Drop from Monsters, Raid Bosses, Events, Olympiad!
    Improved Autofarm Speed, no delays!
    Increased monster count in lower level zones for a more comfortable gameplay!
    And many many other appealing features can be found here: l2crystal.net/
    Join our discord community: discord.gg/nzwWrcWJfC/

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