L2 ISTINA x50 Fafurion server

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    Istina 50x Lineage 2 Fafurion server

    JOIN US! It's free...

    Istina 50x Lineage 2 Fafurion server Features​

    Server type "Normal" with PvP(vE) & Craft​

    Rates: EXP: 50x / SP: 50x / Party EXP: 2x / Party SP: 2x / Drop Items: 1x / Raid Drop Items: 3x / Raid Drop Jewelry: 1x / Spoil: 10x / Adena: 25x


    Server rates are uniquely designed to fit a high end PvP(vE) server, to make players enjoy every aspect of the game, PvP, PvE, Mass PvP, Clan Wars for various rewards, PvP for raids and much more, high-end game content for instances, mobs designed...

    Community Board with Shop, Buffer and Gatekeeper.
    Sell Buffs and Offline Shops.
    Merchant of Mammon announcements. Merchant of Mammon Travels from one township to another: Aden, Rune and Giran, randomly teleporting into one of the mentioned cities.
    No Wipe. All your work will be saved forever.

    NO custom items (Retail Items Only!) We don't have any custom item on L2 Scarlet Istina 50x server.
    Full GeoData enabled.
    TVT Event (Daily, every 2 hours), Memorable Raid Bosses Event (Daily, every 16 hours), Castle Sieges Event, Fishing Contest, (POTW) Photo of the Week Event, (VOTW) Video of the Week Event and many other retail events.

    Offline shops (unlimited and no restrictions) / Crafters and vendors in all major towns (Giran, Aden and Goddard).
    Offline Trade & Craft. Set your private store and Exit Game.

    Coin of Luck (CoL) can be obtained in game from Epic Raid Bosses, some normal Raid Bosses and few Instanced Dungeons.

    L2Day Event Manager (The Letter Collector Event with scrolls, attributes and epic jewels for rewards)
    Exclusive Agathions and accesories added (agathions and hundreds of accesories)
    Augmentation is allowed on PvP weapons
    Dot commands: .expoff .expon .deposit .withdraw .tvt (working during TVT event)
    Slash commands: /time /olympiadstat /siegestatus /duel /instancezone /unstuck

    Buffs time: 2 hours

    Normal Enchant: 66% / Blessed Enchant: 70%
    Safe enchant: +4 / Max. enchant: +20


    Epic Raid Bosses respawn times

    Seed Next Status Change (Seed of Annihilation) every Monday of each week, 13:00 GMT+2
    Ceremony of Chaos Monday - Thursday, 18:00 - 20:00 GMT+2
    Territory Wars Saturday, 18:00 - 20:00 GMT+2
    Castle Sieges Sunday, 18:00 - 20:00 GMT+2

    Queen Ant spawn every 1,5 days + 17 hours random.
    Core spawn every 2,5 days + 24 hours random.
    Orfen spawn every 2 days + 20 hours random.
    Zaken spawn every 5 days + 35 hours random.
    Baium spawn every 5 days + 12 hours random.
    Frintezza's spawn every 2 days + 24 hours random.
    Antharas spawn every 10 days + 12 hours random.
    Valakas spawn every 10 days + 12 hours random.
    Lindvior spawn every 11 days + 72 hours random.
    Beleth spawn every 8 days + 6 hours random.
    Ramona spawn every 3 days + 48 hours random.
    Kelbim spawn every 2 days + 24 hours random.
    Trasken spawn every 11 days + 72 hours random.
    Fafurion spawn every 11 days + 72 hours random.
    Istina, Freya, Ekimus, Tiat, Lilith and Anakim are instanced. Daily reset is at 6:30 AM, server time (GMT+2, EU).

    General info
    Raid instances minimum characters required reduced to 4 characters. Please note that some instances are designed for two parties using Command Channel.

    Full Geodata and Pathnodes Geodata enabled!

    Fortresses Retail like.
    Territory Wars Retail like.
    Fishing available.
    Combat Stats & Droplist available via Shift & Click.
    Monsters will have title with their levels!
    Events: L2 Day (Letters Collector) and TvT (Team vs Team).
    Wedding System enabled!
    Weight Limit x5
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto Loot

    Additional Information

    Stable & Dedicated Linux server with latest updates (Datacenter in Europe)
    TS server available for everyone with multiple channels (Our TS server is offline, replaced by Discord chat)
    Frequent updates and daily support (via TS, FB, Discord or Email).

    JOIN US! It's free...

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