L2Cosmos midrate interlude is coming July 12 for Open Beta!

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    Summer is here and we have ready the perfect proposal that will accompany you, offering countless fun, a unique gaming experience in a balanced and pleasant environment.

    After much study and careful planning, we are proud to announce the opening of L2Cosmos.
    The best out of the Interlude chronicle is coming, July 17th!

    The Interlude midrate with balanced gameplay you've been waiting for!
    A unique combination of retail features and customized gameplay.

    L2Cosmos is an Interlude chronicle x15 rates server and amongst the standard features we also offer:
    • Active Anticheat Protection
    • Antibot Protection
    • Huge Online Community
    • GM Shop up to B-Grade
    • Unique Auction System
    • Unique Academy Manager
    • NPC Buffer with 2h Duration
    • Mana Potions (8 seconds Cooldown)
    • Auto-learn skills

    Server Rates:
    EXP/SP: x15
    Adena: x12
    Drop: x7
    Spoil: x6
    Seal Stones: x5
    Recipes Drop/Spoil: x3
    Keymats Drop/Spoil: x3
    Herbs: x1
    Manor: x1

    Visit our website for all the details about the server features, news and rules and the upcoming Open Beta opening date at:

    And join the discussion at Discord:
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    Jun 29, 2020
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    10 days until open beta!
    Are you ready?
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