L2Insolence Custom High Five 2021-01-22!!

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    Custom High Five server L2insolence will open 2021-01-22 20:00 GMT+2 ! ! !
    More info: http://l2insolence.eu
    Since server was closed for cople month so maybe its time to start server.
    We have custom skill, farm zones, materials for items to buy.
    Custom armors: Zubei's upgraded > Ixion > Poseidon > Scarlet > Chaos > Ferrum > Heaven > God > Immortal > Twilight > Seraph and Eternal.
    Weapons: Elegia > Ixion > Black > Dragon and Raid boss weapons.
    And it's a litle bit what is in server, all jewels, cloaks and mutch more.
    Server rates:
    XP/SP: 25
    Drop/Spol: 10
    Safe Enchant: 20099
    Max Enchant: 20099 (all scrolls 100%)
    Oly every to weeks.
    Some improved buff are remove and some skills stats are changed all info in game.
    Server is hard farm so in one month you will not get tops items etc.

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