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    EXP/SP x50 | Adena x1 | Drop x10 | Spoil x10 | Bosses x3 | Quest x3-5​

    To the attention of lovers of progressive servers - we present a new, high-quality server filled with unique content, the target audience of which is aimed at SOLO players.
    A server whose development will not stop there. On the ShadowLands.club project you will find many new activities, exciting events and tasks, the prizes of which will not leave you indifferent.
    Our team will not disregard every player who needs support and clarification of certain issues, and will also listen to the opinion of everyone who is not indifferent to the implementation and modernization of various kinds of innovations. Check out the server right now and recommend it to your friends if you are looking for quality, stability and perspective in the game Lineage2 Interlude.

    Best regards - ShadowLands.club team

    OPENING FEBRUARY 17 AT 20:00 (GMT +3)

    Promotion - 2 500 dollars for solo players!
    Race at the start and more! Complete game tasks and win prizes!

    Premium Buff is available for voting!
    To get temporary access to the Premium Buff section - enter the game command .vote and follow the instructions, 1 Vote Coin = 3 hours PB.

    Start the game for Archer and Knife classes - now it's a reality!
    Significantly increased damage in PVE, now each player will be able to start on their favorite class, without fear of being left behind.

    Game without wipes!
    We appreciate your time spent on the game, you can be 100% sure that your characters will always remain and you will be able to play them even after a few years.

    Shop of miracles
    An exclusive store with unique, limited products, the list of which is updated every 24 hours.
    Goods can be - both accessories and sharpened equipment!

    Reworked unused skills, increased the duration time, the chance of passing and the duration of the chance skills.

    Start on an equal footing, limited Donate-Shop!
    Donate Shop does not have items that affect the gameplay, it works on the principle of dynamically adding goods and services (individual items and services
    appear at various stages of the game).

    There is no limit to development, new Shadow-Equipment!
    Our server does not oblige you to stop at standard equipment - thanks to enhanced equipment, Shadow will always have something to strive for.

    Briefly and about the most important:

    [​IMG]Equipment - Up to Shadow-grade. Shadow Crystal - Obtained by unsuccessfully upgrading an S-grade weapon.
    [​IMG]Buff slot - 36 + 4 (Divine Inspiration)
    [​IMG]Buff - Free 7 days from server start! Further available by voting for the project.
    [​IMG]Sharpening - 20 / 14 / 14 (at the Olympics - 7 / 7 / 7)
    [​IMG]Noblesse - Simplified Nooblesse quest, reagents are sold in the shop or at an affordable price in the Miracle Shop!
    [​IMG]Skills - Auto-learn all skills
    [​IMG]Sub-class – 6.000.000 Adena
    [​IMG]Profession - First and second - free, third - 700 Halisha Marks and 10.000.000 Adena.
    [​IMG]Premium Account - Increases all rates by 100%
    [​IMG]Premium Runes - Free for participating in the daily telegram promotion and winning Events.
    [​IMG]Clan System and Skills - According to Official mechanics, no restrictions.

    More information - link
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    New Start - October 28! UP, sorry for spam.
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    May 9, 2022
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    New Start - Ferbruary 17! UP, sorry for spam.

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