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    • Lineage2Ertheia
    • www.Lineage2Ertheia.com
    • GOD off-like Server mechanics
    • x5000 High Rate Pvp Server with pve and crafting events
    • No pay2win, all items can be obtained in game without no exceptions.
    • New content and SKILLS added, Revamped farming zones and rewards.
    • Easier farm, Forgotten Skills, GOD High Rate Dynamic PVP Server
    • Skills, New Zones, FAFURION, High Rate PVP Server OFF Like Game Mechanics made by our dev team!
    • Grand Crusade Items, new race: Ertheia, new skills items zones, Hidden Ability skills,
    • Raid armors added: Tauti armor, Kelbim armor, Freya armor off like 2x antibot,
    • No Wipe- NEW Players get Epic Jewels !
    • Lineage2Ertheia is a Free High Rate Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
    • A one of a kind Lineage 2 Private Server with new Goddess of Destruction game mechanics and the latest Death Knight+ updated game content.
    • This project took over a decade of constant work and improvements.
    • Unique in every way, delivering new content updates.
    • While preserving the best parts of what made this game so great in the first place.
    • Lineage2Ertheia started in 2014 and it took prior over 4 years of development.
    • It features real Goddess of Destruction game mechanic with latest skills.
    • Balanced classes and a constantly updated gameworld and content.
    • We are developing our own server core and content.
    • All the game mechanics and content are the result of countless years of work.
    • Bug fixes and optimizations, constantly improving the game in every way.
    • We believe in a fair chance for all, Antibot and Anticheat systems are running.
    • Banning offenders at login and there are no wipes or pay2win exclusive items.
    • Every item can be obtained by simply playing the game, in time, without exceptions.
    • I let you here a video , a small preview :

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