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    We present to You , the only one and unique
    What makes us different?​

    We focus on long-term gameplay.
    We treat all players equally, without exceptions.
    The donation system is confined to a minimum.
    We took care of the quality of files, server stability and a really good anti-bot system.
    Our GM`s are available daily.
    We made sure that on the server will not run out of interesting events.​

    Official promo video

    Grand Opening: 12-02-2021 at 20:00 + 1 GMT
    Open Beta Test 05-02-2021 at 18:00 +1 GMT

    General Rate
    EXP - x7
    SP - x7
    Adena - x5
    Drop - x4
    Spoil - x4
    Simple enchant 52%
    Blessed enchant 56 %
    Safe enchant +4 MAX +16
    Element Stone 50%
    Element Crystal 30%
    Quest Drop - x1
    Quest Reward - x1
    Manor - x1
    Epic RB Jewel Drop - x1​

    Gameplay Configuration
    Windows 10 Compatible
    Buff duration : 2h
    Dances and songs duration : 2h
    Max Clients per PC:4
    Subclass - no quest
    Max Subclass - 3
    Max Level Sub - 85 LvL
    Auto Loot
    Offline store
    Offline Buffs
    Auto learn skills
    Vitality System
    Global GK (NEW)
    Newbie Help
    NPC Buffer scheme
    Vote reward
    All instances/quest works 100%
    NEW Stream reward
    Certification skills(Quest required)​

    Basic Features
    Services [ALT+B]
    Events [ALT+B]
    Rankings [ALT+B]
    Clan [ALT+B]
    RB Status [ALT+B]
    Auction House [ALT+B]
    Drop Calculator [ALT+B]
    Donation Store [ALT+B]
    Bidding Market [ALT+B]
    Auto Donate [ALT+B]
    NEW Clan Hall Auction System [ALT+B]​

    Auto Events
    Team VS Team
    Capture The Flag
    Protect the King
    Fight for Throne
    Last Man
    Death Match
    Korean Style
    Treasure Hunt​

    Retail olympiad game
    Olympiad on 10 Days circle
    Olympiad starts time [18:00] ends [00:00]
    Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6
    which means if your items are higher that +6
    be reduced to +6 for the duration of the fight​

    Check it out for yourself !!!
    You can't miss it.
    Join us !!!

    Our Page: https://graveland.pl/

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