[L2J-H5] Greek 120x - Grand Opening 1st July

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    General Rates.
    XP/SP: x120
    Adena: x250
    Drop Chance: x5
    Spoil Chance: x5
    Clan rep: x1
    Party XP/SP: x2
    Raid Drop: x1
    Manor x1
    Weight Limit x8
    Epaulettes x5
    Quest Reward x1
    Quest Drop x1
    Epic Boss x2
    Enchant Rates.
    Safe +7 / Max +20
    Normal scroll chance: 70%
    Blessed scroll chance: 75%
    Crystal scroll chance: 100%
    Elemental Stone 50%
    Elemental Crystal 30%
    VIP Rates.
    XP/SP: x180
    Adena: x375
    Drop Chance: x7.5
    Weight Limit: +50%
    Epaulettes: x6.5
    Craft Chance: +3%
    General Features.
    Inventory slots: 150
    Buffs/songs/dance duration: 3h
    Ready schemes for Mage, Fighter, Dagger, Archer, Support and Tank
    Individual Buffs system with Heal and Cancel method.
    Able to create your Custom Scheme.
    Max Buff Schemes: 4
    Max Buff Amount = 22
    Max Buff Amount For Premium = 24
    Max Debuff Amount = 24
    Max Debuff Amount For Premium = 24
    Max Triggered Buff Amount = 12
    Max Dance Amount = 12
    Max clients per pc: 3
    Antibot gameguard: yes
    Geodata pathnodes: yes
    Quests: only nobless needed.
    Subclass max lvl: 85
    Class master: on
    Offline shop: yes
    Autolearn skills: yes
    Vitality system: on
    Premium account: on
    Custom areas for farm
    Custom RBs
    Custom new rb jewls
    Every 2 weeks event from GM.
    PvP system with Farm Coin reward
    Warehouse via CB
    Gatekeeper and Zones.
    Level Up Zone 1-84
    2x Party Farm Zones with Special droplist Adena, Farm, Enchant Scrolls, Giant's Codex Mastery, Blessed Scrolls and Top-Grade LS Lv 80
    2x Solo Farm Zones with Special droplist Adena, Farm, Enchant Scrolls, Giant's Codex, Blessed Scrolls and High-Grade LS Lv 76
    Custom Bosses Dragon Beast, Rok, Brakki, Taklacan, Enira, Zardial with Custom droplist: Blessed Scrolls, Top LS 84LV, Giant's Codex Mastery, Gold Bar, Vorpal Set, Sealed Elegia Items
    4 PvP Spots
    Grand Bosses Respawn.
    Antharas At 11:59 PM, only on Saturday
    Valakas At 11:59 PM, only on Sunday
    Baium At 11:59 PM, only on Friday
    Core At 11:59 PM, only on Tuesday and Thursday
    Orfen At 11:00 PM, only on Tuesday and Thursday
    Queen Ant At 11:00 PM, only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    Sailren Every minute, at aN:00 AM
    Beleth At 11:59 PM, only on Wednesday
    Raid Bosses respawn every day at 20:00 GMT +2.
    Events Sechedule.
    TVT At 12:00 AM, 04:00 AM, 08:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 04:00 PM and 08:00 PM
    CTF At 01:00 AM, 05:00 AM, 09:00 AM, 01:00 PM, 05:00 PM and 09:00 PM
    DM At 02:00 AM, 06:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 02:00 PM, 06:00 PM and 10:00 PM
    TVT Round At 03:00 AM, 07:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 03:00 PM, 07:00 PM and 11:00 PM
    Reward Event Coin 1-5
    Events designed to offer players fun and rewards
    Olympiad Period At 01:00 AM, every 14 days, between day 1 and 15 of the month
    Heroes are announced every 2 weeks
    Teleport 60 sec
    Oly Classed Participants = 4
    Oly Non Classed Participants = 4
    Oly Teams Participants = 2
    Enchant limit +6
    Vote system.
    Voting system rewards the player in a fair and balanced way
    Shop Available in Comunity Board
    Vote Coins are Tradable
    Votes Available every 12 Hours
    GM Shop.
    Vote Shop
    Farm Shop
    Event Shop
    Items up to Vesper Weapon , Vorpal Armor, Vesper Jewels with Gold Bar
    Items from Farm Shop: Vorpal Armor,Vesper Noble Armor, Other S84 Weapons, Vorpal Jewels
    Premium Account
    Olf Store
    S. Cloack Move
    Enchant system
    Smelting System
    Foundation Items
    Attribution equip
    Morai-Vesper-Vorpal Armors
    Morai-Vesper-Vorpal Jewels
    Vesper + SA Weapons
    Custom Donate Shop
    Custom Cloacks
    Can be obtained in Donation store and use it from level 1 with (NO GRADE PENALTY)
    Can be obtained at Visual dress Store for a lower price
    Visual Dress: Weapons, Armors, Cloacks, Hat
    Level up service
    Rename services with Vote coin
    Clan rep points
    Fame points
    Clan Level up
    Clan Skills
    Change color name with Event coins
    BlackSmith Manager.
    Exchange AA
    Add Lifestone
    Create Disassembly Dual Swords
    Upgrade Items
    Add Special Ability
    Exchange Soul Crystals
    Remove Lifestone
    Release Seal
    Downgrade item
    Remove Special Ability
    Top Ranking Manager via Website or in Game:
    Raid Point
    Add / Change / Cancel Subclass via Community board
    Symbol Maker via Community board
    Bosses Status System.
    More in game

    website: https://l2h5.gr?utm_source=l2topcoforum

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