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    Lineage 2 Hi5
    Please visit our webpage an join us at L2Bael.net

    >Experience / Skill points multiplier = 10x
    >Experience / Skill points multiplier (Party) = 1.5x
    >Manor Rate Drop = 2x
    >Drop Rate = 15x
    >Spoil Rate = 15x
    >Raid Drop Rate = 45x
    >Adena Drop = 40x
    >Weight limit multiplier = 5x

    Champion Mob System
    >Champion Frequency = 30%
    >Champion Min Level = 20
    >Champion Max Level = 78
    >Champion Hp/Xp/Sp/Drop/Spoil/SealStone/Adena = 5x
    >Champion Reward Item = Golden Apiga 1-5x (used in Custom Shop)

    >Accounts are auto created
    >Custom Buffer (2h buffs)
    >Custom Shop
    >Custom Vote Reward System Npc
    >Wedding System
    >E-mail System
    >Lottery System
    >Offline trade/craft
    >Mana Drugs/Potions
    >Birthday Present Pack
    >Hellbound island without any quests
    >Geodata with Pathfinding enabled using geodata cells at runtime
    >Allows non-GM players to view NPC stats via shift-click
    >Auto Learn Skills
    >When character reach levels 20,40,76 he will receive tutorial page with list of the all possible variants, and can select and immediately change to the new occupation, or decide to choose later (on next login).
    >Auto Learn Forgotten Scroll Skills / Divine Inspiration = False
    >Max Buff Amount = 20 (+4 from Divine Inspiration)
    >Max Dance/Songs Amount = 12
    >Allow players to cancel dances/songs via Alt+click on buff icon
    >Augmentation Improved
    >Delete Character After 3 Days
    >Pvp/pk Announce

    Voiced commands
    .tvt – get information about event status
    .deposit – 100kk adena to 1 gold bar
    .withdraw – 1 gold bar to 100kk adena
    .changepassword (allows the players to change their account’s password ingame)
    .hellbound (information about current Hellbound level and trust)
    /time (displaying of the local server time)
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    i can`t make registration 1.png
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    The email server was down. there are no more problems with registration.

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