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    Server Information

    Server Starts This Saturday
    on May 1st 2021 at 18:00 GMT+2

    [​IMG] General

    Lineage2 Interlude PVP Server

    Main Town Giran

    Free A grade

    S grade for Adenas + Atlas Coins

    RB Jewel from Raid Bosses

    Automatic potions use (MP/HP/CP)

    [​IMG] Enchant Rates

    Safe Enchant: +4

    Max Enchant +15 with Blessed

    Max Enchant +20 with Crystals (enchant remains if fails)

    Blessed Scrolls Enchant chance 100%

    Crystal Scrolls: +16 (50%) +17 (40%) +18(30%) +19(20%) +20(10%)

    [​IMG] Augmentation

    Mid Life-Stone Chance: 5%

    High Life-Stone Chance: 10%

    Top Grade Life Stone Chance: 15%

    Max 1 Active + 1 Passive

    [​IMG] Olympiad

    First heroes on 05.05.2021 at 12:00 [GMT+2]

    Requires 5 players to start match

    Enchant automatically changes to +6 for the fight

    Skills reused after every match

    Olympiad start time 18:00 end 24:00 [GMT+2]

    Heroes changing every 3 days at 12:00 [GMT+2]

    Hero obtain heroic Valor in all sub-classes

    Hero Weapon is automatically +20 and can be replace for vote coins.

    [​IMG] Castle Sieges

    Sieges duration 2 Hours

    There are 3 castle sieges

    Giran - Friday

    Aden - Saturday

    Innadril - Sunday

    Sieges are scheduled at 19:00 (GMT +2)

    [​IMG] Auto Events

    Events scheduled every 1 Hour

    Voting poll will be sent to all players 3 mins before so Players can decide which event they want next

    Use command .events to access event panel

    There are 5 Great Events waiting for you: Raid In The Middle, Ultra Rapid Fire, Team VS Team, Death Match, Last Man Standing

    [​IMG] Farm Zones

    Easy Farm Zone

    Hard Farm Zone

    Life Stone Zone

    Party Zone - Drops based on damaged dealt and number of players in party, Healers get drop per healing done.

    Raid Boss Zone

    [​IMG] Raid Bosses

    There are 12 Raid Bosses in L2 Atlas World with 3 strength levels

    Raid Boss battleground with x5 level 1 bosses with 30min respawn

    5x level 2 Raid Bosses with 1 hour respawn

    2x level 3 Epic Bosses with 6 hour respawn and Massive Drops

    All Raid Bosses are in Chaotic zones which means auto flag status

    To Village after death is delayed by 30 seconds in Raid Boss Zones

    [​IMG] PvP Zone

    PvP Zones are changing automatically every 45 minutes

    Healers are not allowed to enter PvP Zone

    Each kill gives adenas

    20% chance for PvP Zone to be Ultra which gives 2x reward for each kill and 2x PvP points

    At end of the Zone Top 3 players will be announced and rewarded

    [​IMG] Clans

    All clan penalties removed

    Level 5 clan on creation.

    Clan Skills only needs Clan Reputation points

    Maximum players in clan - 40

    Maximum clans in ally - 2

    Maximum clans in ally - 2

    [​IMG] Weekly Events

    Clan Event - Collect points for Taken Castle, Becoming Hero, Raid Bosses and Clan Wars to become number 1 in the server

    and Top 3 Clans will be rewarded Donate Coins

    Vote Event - Get points for each vote for our server through the week and 1 player with most votes will be rewarded Donate Coins

    New Clan Event - Bring along 5 of your friends and visit Jurek in Giran to receive clan level 8

    [​IMG] Other Info

    2 tier tattoo with small base stats

    Stackable BOG/LS/Scrolls

    No Grade and Weight penalty

    Noblesse can be bought from GM Shop

    5 Max Sub-Classes

    50 Buff Slots

    Spawn Protection

    Anti-Heavy for Archer & Dagger

    Offline Shop System

    PvP Killing Spree System

    Unique Economy System

    Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes

    Full interlude geodata / pathnode

    Server Starts This Saturday
    on May 1st 2021 at 18:00 GMT+2


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