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    Two Factions , An Endless War. Which Side Will You Choose?
    The legendary faction server, that everyone was waiting for, Koofs vs Noobs is back!
    A huge Interlude Lineage 2 project revives.
    24 hours pvp , no farm , fascinating rotating pvp zones!
    Koofs vs Noobs will fight each other day and night in order to gain their lost respect!
    Are you ready to feel the excitement?
    19 April 2021
    Website: http://www.l2mafia.net/
    Koofs vs Noobs: https://www.l2mafia.net/koofs-vs-noobs/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2mafia.net/
    Starting Level: Lv 80
    Safe Enchant: +6 / Maximum: +25
    Normal Scroll (Max +16) +6 to +16 (80%)
    *Note: If enchantment fails, your weapon will be crystalized.
    Dynasty Normal Scroll (Max +16) +6 to +16 (80%)
    *Note: If enchantment fails, your weapon will be crystalized.
    Blessed Scroll (Max +16) +6 to +16 (100%)
    Dynasty Blessed Scroll (Max +16) +6 to +16 (100%)
    Crystal Scroll (Max +21) +16 to +21 (70%)
    *Note: If enchantment fails, your enchant will be decreased by -1
    *Example: If you enchant from +17 to +18 and it fails, it will become +16
    Dynasty Crystal Scroll (Max +21) +16 to +21 (70%)
    *Note: If enchantment fails, your enchant will be decreased by -1
    *Example: If you enchant from +17 to +18 and it fails, it will become +16
    Infinity Scroll (Max +25) +21 to +25 (5%)
    Mid Lifestone Chance: 25%
    High Lifestone Chance: 50%
    Top Lifestone Chance: 100%
    - You can check your VIP Status and equip your favorite skin.
    You can check your Name / Title color if you have the required item.
    - You can Enable or Disable Boost FPS option.
    → It removes the effects from Heroes, Soultshots and some skills to boost your FPS.
    - You can Block or Unblock buffs from other players.
    - You can Block or Unblock Heal from other players.
    - You can repair a Character in same Account.
    - You can check all Raidboss status just by using Alt + B
    - You can see all clans in our server or use your own clan services.
    → You can Invite / Dismiss Members, Change Leader or even Increase your Clan LvL
    Everyone starts with B-Grade Armors and Weapons

    Koofs Faction Base: Dark Elf Village / Noobs Faction Base: Elven Village

    As you can see in the image below, you can now check your PvP Score in the last hour and your playing Skill Score (MMR).
    We’ve also added KDA (PVPs / Deaths / Assists) so you can keep track of your statistics.
    The most important feature though, in our opinion, is the Faction Chat (+Faction) because now you can communicate with same faction players ONLY.
    Let's start explaining how our adena system will work in L2Mafia Koofs vs Noobs
    Our basic factor is 3 Adena per PVP but as the server progresses (since the main and only currency is adena) this system is totally unfair for new players.
    In order to make things better and provide a fair pvp experience for both old and new players we have added the following system:

    New Equipment Depended PvP Reward - This new reward system will surely boost our server's duration and give a chance to new players start playing in our faction server.
    Its very hard to explain all the complicated algorithms developed behind this system but in general when a low equipment player kills a high equipment player he will be rewarded with more adena than the minimum reward of 3 Adena.

    For example, if a full B-grade player kills a full A-grade player instead of taking 3 Adena, which is the standard reward, he will receive 6 Adena, on the other hand if a full A-grade player kills a full B-grade player will take the standard reward of 3 Aadena.
    Our system calculates all aspects (equipment grade , enchantment , player's mmr). This system will 100% fill the gap between old and new players but you will still need to have some skills.
    But what about support classes (Healers and Tanks) ?

    In order to help support classes be competitive we have completely reworked the party system.
    Party *By Turn: No matter who makes the pvp kill the adena will be rewarded to one by one party player every time
    Party *Random Loot: No matter who makes the pvp kill the adena will be rewarded randomly to one party member.
    Party *Finders Keepers: The player that makes the pvp kill takes the adena ( like playing solo )
    All support classes have 20% Chance to get +1 pvp kill whenever their party kills someone .
    All support classes take kill assist for every pvp kill their party makes.
    To Village
    Teleports you back to your Faction Base as usual.
    Random Respawn
    Respawns your character inside the current pvp zone choosing randomly one of the eight spawns.
    But that's not all, our Lineage 2 server will check the spawn status and teleport you to a - safe - spot.
    Meaning that if a spawn is full of enemy faction, it wont spawn you there , instead it will choose another more - safe - spawn.
    Hello dear players , I will present you the bosses and their drops.
    Lucky bosses spawns every 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    They drop 1 to 300 Adena and some other special items you can see ingame.
    One for most damage dealt (Solo or Party)
    One for the player that makes the last hit.
    Each faction has their own faction boss and when boss dies all faction members who participated on the fight, will be rewarded with 30 Adena
    Introducing the main Faction Boss of our server!
    Valakas will spawn every 13 hours, it is a faction boss.
    That means both factions (Koofs + Noobs) will fight each other to benefit from Valakas loot.
    Valakas will drop the same exactly drops with Lucky Bosses + the winning faction will be rewarded with 50 adena for each member.
    Let's now explain in which areas bishop – healer classes will be allowed.
    Healers will be available ONLY in the following zones:
    - Faction Boss Zone -
    - Grand Olympiad Games -
    - Castle Sieges -
    - Castle Vs Castle Map -

    Bishops won't be allowed to enter Rune Castle, Cemetery and The First Arena Map
    Koofs vs Noobs will have Grand Olympiad Games like a normal server - retail!
    Same faction matches will be available
    Olympiad Cycle: 1 Week (Same faction matches will be available)
    Every victory will grand you Noblesse Gate Pass (x50) which you can use to buy items -
    Your points will be traded for only x1 Noblesse Gate Pass -
    ( That means points are only important to be the best of your class and win the hero, not for Gate Pass )
    Olympiad will be active for 4 Hours ( 20:00 GMT +2 to 00:00 GMT +2 ) -
    You'll need to be Noblesse in order to participate -
    ( You can become a noble with adenas, or drop from lucky boss , or custom events )

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