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    Beta is online until 8 of April.
    Grand Opening : 12 April 20:00 GTM+2
    Site : L2Inerrant
    Forum: L2Inerrant Forum
    Facebook: L2Inerrant Facebook Page

    Basic Information

    Experience Rates: x5000
    SP Rates: x5000
    Adena: x 1000
    Party Exp: x 1.5
    Party SP: X 1.5

    Enchant Rates

    Safe +3
    Normal Enchant Scrolls 65%
    Blessed Max Enchant +14 with 90% rates
    On blassed fail: +3 to +7 on failure +3 , +7 to +10 on failure -1 ,+11 to +14 on failure -2
    There is a small chance to enchant item +2 instead of +1
    Crystal max +16( with 50% rates,after break enchant still the same)
    Custom Scroll / PvP max Enchant +20
    PvP Enchant(every 10 kill a randomly item will be enchanted +1), only in lvl 3 items and after +16.

    Augmentation Rates

    Augment Skills 1+1
    High grade life stone - 10%
    Top grade life stone - 15%

    Custom Features

    Custom Weapons: Ancient Gold,Icarus,Abyssal (Same status)
    Custom Armors: Vesper,Epic,Dyantsty (Same status)
    Custom's are 3 levels , starting from the first(50%) and you update to second(75%) and finally to 100% which is the top level
    Upgrating Weapon/Armor will keep your augment/enchant
    Epic Mask (From Special Boss)
    3 Zone types(Safe,Pvp-Pk Allowed,No Pk allowed)
    BE CAREFULL: If you dont follow each zone rules you will get jailed for 10 minutes.
    Cancellation System , after 10 sec you get buffs back
    Healers now are getting pvp's from their party

    Rune Pages

    You can have 6 Rune Pages in your status
    But You can Select only 1 page
    You can obtain them by dungeons,Bosses


    Custom Bosses every hour
    Epic Bosses every 3 Hour's
    Special Boss every 4 Hour's


    Lucky Chests
    1vs1 event
    Party Farm every 6 hours with 1 event hour duration

    Party Farm

    Open every 6 hour
    Duration 1 hour
    Custom Mini Bosses with good drops
    Minimum players for enter is 3


    Olympiad period evert 1 week
    Heroes will be given 1 hour after Sunday olympiad end(Monday 1:00 AM)
    Olympiads arenas retail like
    Class Announcement in start
    No custom items allowed
    Max enchant is +14
    The rankings update after every match you play
    The Olympiad begins every day at 18:00 and ends at 00:00 AM (GMT+2)

    For more info and events visit our website.

    Site : L2Inerrant
    Forum: L2Inerrant Forum
    Facebook: L2Inerrant Facebook Page


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