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    Are you ready to feel the excitement?

    29 May 2020


    Website: https://www.L2Mafia.net

    Nostalgia Promo: https://l2mafia.net/nostalgia/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2mafia.net/


    x100 - Experience
    x100 - Skill Points
    x100 - Adena
    x1 - Spoil
    x1 - Drop
    x2 - Epic Bosses Drop (Last hit & Most Damage Dealt)
    x1 - Quest Drop
    x1 - Quest Reward

    Safe Enchant: +4
    Max Enchant: +18

    Normal Scroll Chance: 25% (+0 to +16)
    Blessed Scroll Chance: 60% (+0 to +16)
    → After +4 enchant, chance will reduces by -3% every enchant
    Boss Scroll Chance: 20% (+0 to +18)
    → If you enchantment fails, it will remain at your previous enchant.
    → Example: If you enchant from +12 to +13 and it fails, it will become +12

    Top-Grade Lifestone: 15%


    You can check your VIP Status and equip your favorite skin.
    You can check your Name / Title color if you have the required item.
    You can Enable or Disable Boost FPS option.
    → It removes the effects from Heroes, Soultshots and some skills to boost your FPS.
    You can Block or Unblock buffs from other players.
    You can Block or Unblock Heal from other players.
    You can repair a Character in same Account.
    You can check all Raidboss status just by using Alt + B


    You can see all clans in our server or use your own clan services.
    → You can Invite / Dismiss Members, Change Leader or even Increase your Clan Lv



    You can transfer your Augmented weapons using the Auction House NPC
    → You can sell or buy Augment Skills from Auction House
    When you sell an Augment to your friends, the NPC will add a fee to the price.
    → Ex: If you sell an Augment for 20 Donation Coins, the buyer will pay 30 DC



    There's a Party Zone for you to grind and PVP with your friends
    → Monsters in this zone will drop x10 more Adena than Farm Zone monsters.


    You can farm alone inside Farm Zone where you will find Unique Monsters
    → These Monsters will drop x2 more adena than EXP Zones monsters.



    There's a 20% chance they will use Fear, Root, Sleep or Anchor on you
    You have 20% chance to get an Event Medal from Event Chests
    → These Monsters will drop x2 more adena than EXP Zones monsters.



    Spoil Coin: You can exchange this coin for Life Stones, Book of Giant's and it is also required to add Special Ability to your weapon.
    Some information about this Special Zone:
    - Only Spoilers ( Fortune Seekers ) can join. (Base class or Subclass doesn't matter)
    - Zone opens 4 times a day and it remains open for 20 Minutes.
    - All Players will appear as Female Dwarf when they join to make it more enjoyable. (Imagine an area full of Dwarfs for PvE and PvP)
    - This Zone has Ssome nice drops Available with Spoil - Sweep (Not Normal Drops). The drops are: (Auto) CP Potion, Mafia Potion and Spoil Coin.


    Every pvp kill inside PVP Zone will reward you with PVP Coin
    You can make your S-Grade Weapon with Special Ability for PVP Coins
    → Example: If you have Arcana Mace, you can make it "Acumen" on Special Trader
    In order to be in TOP 10 PVP Players of the last hour, you will need bravery and skills. These things should be rewarded that's why We decided to reward such honorable players.
    If you are the in TOP 10 PVP Players of the last hour, you will be rewarded and these rewards will be given EVERY HOUR - 24 Times a day, 7 Days a week.
    The reward for the 1st PVP player of the hour, will be rewarded with x1 Mafia Box
    → Once you click on the Mafia Box, you will receive Special Rewards.
    Tattoos - You can get them from Special Trader for PVP Coins.
    → They increase your stats by +3% (Ex: Haste Tattoo increases your Atk. Speed by +3%)

    You can get Upgrade Stones from Special Trader for PVP Coins
    → You need x5 Upgrade Stones for +1 Upgrade Level
    → Your upgrade stats will remain on Subclass too


    Windows 10 Compatible - YES
    Multibox - 1 (main) +1 box per HWID
    Autopickup - YES
    Total buff slots 28 + 4 with Divine Inspiration
    Buff Duration 90 Minutes
    All skills are autolearn.
    Offline Shops - YES, by using the command .offline after you setup a private store.
    Subclass - FREE (Main +3)
    Class Transfer - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Transfers are free from Class Manager NPC.
    Full Scheme Buffer - All buffs are available
    GM Shop - Sells up to S-Grade Items
    Global Gatekeeper - All global teleports available
    Ranking System - Ranking System on our ranking NPC.
    Auctioneer - Retail Auctioneer with a all clan halls.
    Vote Reward - Vote Reward System with a 12h cooldown usage and a 12h duration Vote Buff that you can obtain each time you vote.
    → Increases your Maximum HP by 15%, your M. Def. by 5% and your P. Def. by 5%.
    Automatic Potions - We have Automatic potions enabled, you can use them just by left-clicking on the potion of your choice.


    Olympiad has 1 Week circle
    Olympiad operates every day from 21:00 until 00:00 GMT+3.
    New heroes will appear every Sunday.
    Olympiad needs 6 minimum participants to begin.
    Class based option disabled.
    There is NO MAXIMUM ENCHANT LIMIT in Olympiad
    Augment Skills are allowed in Olympiad
    Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games
    Entering the stadium all cubics, pets or summons are erased.


    Raidboss Barakiel will reward whole party with Noblesse Status
    → The party that makes the last hit, will become Noblesse
    All simple Raidbosses will drop the following:
    → Raidboss Coins, Book of Giants, Life Stones, Boss Scrolls and Donation Coins
    Epic Grandbosses will have x2 Drops (Last Hit & Damage Dealt):
    → Depending on the difficulty of the Epic Boss the rewards will be multiplied.
    Raidboss Coins, Book of Giants, Life Stones, Boss Scrolls and Donation Coins
    → x1 Jewel & Clan Reputation Items on the player who made Last Hit
    → x1 Jewel & Clan Reputation Items for the Most Damage Dealt

    Valakas: 128h Respawn
    Antharas: 72h Respawn
    Baium: 120h Respawn
    Zaken: 72h Respawn
    Ant Queen: 72h Respawn
    Frintezza: 128h Respawn
    Barakiel: 12h Respawn
    Orfen: 24h Respawn
    Core: 24h Respawn


    Every member of the Clan that owns a Castle will have a +5% Bonus in Enchantment
    → This Bonus is for all kinds of Scrolls (Normal, Blessed & Crystal)
    Every member of the Clan that owns a Castle will have a +2% Bonus in Lifestones
    → This Bonus is for all kinds of Lifestones (Mid, High & Top)




    You can sell any item on Auction House for Adena or Donation Coins
    → Augmented Items can be sold only with Donation Coins
    You can Search for an item on Auction House and buy it.
    → If you're buying an Augmented Item, you will pay an extra fee


    ALT + B
    - Opens your Account Control Panel.
    - Opens your Account Control Panel.
    - Opens your Account Control Panel.
    - You can check the remaining time of your VIP Status and your VIP benefits.
    - After you submit your votes for L2Mafia, use it to get rewarded with our Vote Buff.
    - You can check the respawn time of all Raid bosses.
    - You can check the Top PVP Player of the hour.
    .buffon / .buffoff
    - Allow or Disallow if other player's buff will effect your character.
    Use it only when your character is stuck - Repairs your character.


    Dismissing a clan member will give a 1 Day penalty to the clan.
    Only Lv 5 and above clans may bid for Clan Halls.
    Only Lv 5 and above clans may register on Castle Sieges.
    Enemy war tags appear with an orange coloured name.
    Clan Size
    → 20 members maximum, Main Clan.
    → 10 members maximum, Royal Guard Until.
    → 5 members maximum, Order of Knights Unit.
    → 20 members maximum, Academy limit.


    You can get VIP Status on your character for Donation Coins
    → x2 Rewards in PVP
    → x2 Drops from Monsters
    → +10% Chance in Enchant
    → +5% Chance in Life Stones
    → x2 Mafia Boxes on Automatic Reward
    14 Skins for FREE if you have VIP Status
    1 Day VIP for x10 Donation Coin
    7 Days VIP for x50 Donation Coins
    20 Days VIP for x100 Donation Coins
    Noblesse Status for x100 Donation Coins
    Name / Title Color Item (Lifetime Item) for x100 Donation Coins
    → Once you buy this Item you can change colors as many times as you want
    You can rename your character for x50 Donation Coins
    Change your base class for x50 Donation Coins
    Hero Status for your character
    → This option will be available 1 week after Grand Opening
    1 Day Hero for x20 Donation Coins
    7 Days Hero for x100 Donation Coins
    30 Days Hero for x200 Donation Coins
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    Sep 22, 2018
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    Server opens in 35 minutes!!!

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