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    Pleased To ANNOUNCE L2Saga Season #2

    2 Months of Season #1 showed us that Lineage 2 High Five community is still active you made us belive that by working hard we can make a good server and daily we have been working alongside you (our community).

    This proved us that Lineage 2 Servers can last more than 2 Weeks - We are here to give you next experience of the long term project. Season #2 will be the following Saga.

    Yet we understand that on Lineage 2 Players and Servers come and go but we are doing our impossible to give everyone a good experience by choosing to play on L2Saga.

    We made Promises such as NO BOT - NO WIPE - NO CORRUPTION we kept them and we will continue so.
    Our new server will be in the same login with the x15 master server (That is online now). Both servers will be online.

    Website: http://l2saga.net/

    Let's speak about Season #2

    L2Saga Season #2 Road Map! (Dates to remember)

    • 7 March: Advertising Campaign starts.
    • 22 March - 26 March: Beta Stage
    • 27 March: Grand Opening
    • 05 April: First Sieges
    • 11 April: First Territory War
    • First Epics: 1 Week after Server Launch
    Basic Informations:


    General Informations: Here

    Contact us via Facebook / Discord or Forum for any Question

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