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    Beta Opening : 21 November at 20:00 GMT+2
    Grand Opening : 28 November at 20:00 GTM+2


    Basic Information
    Experience Rates: x1000
    SP Rates: x1000
    Adena: x 1000
    Starting Level 52
    PvP Server x1000 Easy xp to level 80

    Enchant Rates
    Safe +3
    Max +20
    Normal Enchant Scrolls 65%
    Blessed Max Enchant +14 -> 100%
    Crystal max +16 -> 50% (on break enchant still the same)
    Custom Scroll max +20 -> (+17 -> 95% , +18 -> 90% , +19 -> 85% , +20 -> 80% )

    Augmentation Rates
    Augment Skills 1 Active + 1 Passive
    High grade life stone - 10%
    Top grade life stone - 15%
    Custom life stone - 30% : dropped by Raid,Party,Dungeon Zones

    Augment System
    Custom Ls System that makes your life easier
    Double Click to Lifestone will augment your weapon
    If you get any Active/Passive/Chance skill, The Weapon will be unequipped
    and you will be informed with the succeed skill
    f you dont like this system , you can use the NPC to do your augments

    Custom Features
    Custom Weapons: Gold weapons, Ancient gold weapons
    Custom Armors: Apella, Dynasty, Rykros
    Custom Jewels: Normal Rb Jewels, Pvp Rb Jewels
    Custom Mask
    Custom Tattoo
    Custom Items can be divided to Classic And Pvp
    Classic Customs gear can be obtained by farm
    Pvp Custom gear can be Upgraded from Classic + Materials
    Upgrating Weapon/Armor will keep your augment/enchant

    Custom boss scrolls: Increasing speacial status for 1hour
    Cancellation System , after 10 sec you get buffs back
    Healers have a small change to get Pvp's from their party

    Vip System

    Custom Name / Title colors (via .vip)
    x2 Mass Vote Reward
    x2 Pvp Reward
    +5% chance to enchant items
    More Drops to Farm zones,Party zone , Raid bosses
    Less chance to drop Item's from Pk's
    .vip command
    Vip Chat System(public chat,you can talk with ^ )

    Pk System

    You can drop items by PK's.You are safe until 10 PK's
    After 10 you have big chance to drop Items
    If You are VIP you are safe until 20 PK's
    1 item can be dropped each time
    There are 70% chance to drop
    If you are VIP there are 30% chance to drop


    Special Boss every 4 Hour's.
    Epic Bosses every 3 Hour's.
    Normal Bosses every 1 Hour.

    Party Farm every 6 hour's with 1 event hour duration
    Tournaments every 6 Hour's.

    Pvp System
    Every hour most Pvp killer from Pvp Zone will be rewarded with extra Pvp medal
    Every 24 Hour's Top Pvp/Pk Killer will be rewarded with Event medal

    Party Farm
    Opens every 6 hour's
    Duration 1 hour
    Custom Mini Bosses with special drops
    Minimum players for enter is 3
    Every member must have at least 10 Pvp's to join
    1 player per PC are allowed

    An instanced zone with 5 stages with Custom Mobs-Bosses

    Drops Farm-Ls-Event medal and a temporary Grand Jewel for 6 Hour's
    You can enter every 12 hours
    You can enter solo or with a party (at least 4 players)
    Only 1 player Per PC allowed to registered

    Olympiad period every 1 week
    Heroes will be given 2 hour after period ends
    No custom items allowed (Allowed: tattoo level 1)
    Max enchant is +6
    Over enchanted items will be automatically counted as +6
    Ranking update after every match
    The Olympiad begins every day at 18:00 and ends at 00:00 AM (GMT+2)
    For much more info please visit our website.


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