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    Dear friends, a lot of time has passed since our last discovery of x300, and we are ready to present you an updated server - x300. We put a lot of time and effort into this server. We are returning the old x300, but with new chips, pvp events and a concept.

    Main rates server
    Server Chronicles: High Five Part 5
    Game client for playing: High Five Part 5
    Patch features (recommended to read)
    Free bonuses per time in game!

    [​IMG] EXP/SP - x300;
    [​IMG] ADENA - x175;
    [​IMG] DROP - x20;
    [​IMG] SPOIL - x15;
    [​IMG] QUEST - x5;
    [​IMG] RAID/EPIC - x1;
    [​IMG] EPAULETTE - x24
    All new characters appear at level 20 in Dion, with further development assistance.
    Buff duration - 1 hour, the buffer is free up to level 80.
    30 (+4) buff-slots, and 12 for songs and dances.
    Professions are free, the profession can be obtained in 3 clicks on our Community board.
    You can write chat in Shout / Trade from the 60th level, the restriction is set so that you do not clog the chat with spam.
    The maximum level of the sub class is 85.
    Trade zone Giran Castle Town
    On the server there are champions (red x15 and blue x7), up to level 80 inclusive, without ATT drop.
    Hellbound - the island is open from the start of the server. The level is the maximum.
    Mana potion restore 1500 MP Coldown for 10 seconds.
    Advanced inventory - up to 250 slots
    Restriction in sessions on the server from one HWID - no
    Autoloot is installed on the server, you can also turn off receiving loot using .CFG
    All skills are learned automatically, you do not need books. It is enough to get only the character level.

    [​IMG] Drop attribute only from this location Dragon Valley/Hellbound/LOA/SOA
    Drop 1-2 stone - chance drop 10%
    Drop 1 crystal - chance 2%

    [​IMG] Change reward per 7 Raid Bosses
    When quest done, you can get - SA 16/17/18 level!
    Chance on SA:
    16SA - 85%
    17SA - 12%
    18SA - 3%

    Clan reputation is obtained only from epics, sieges, heroism, killings of new RBs in connection with the action "The strongest server clans"
    Also, if the TOP 3 clans are announced upon entering the game [​IMG]
    Reward for TOP 3 PvP - lasting in the top 3 days you will receive a reward
    1. 3 days heroism
    2. 500 Battle Coin (CoL)
    3. 300 Battle Coin (CoL)
      Also, everyone around you will know about your strength in PvP, at the entrance there is an announcement in the game! [​IMG]
    14 new Raid Bosses are added on the server.
    Все новые Raid Boss будут отмечены на карте что бы вы легко могли их найти. Так же к ним добавлен анонс о появлении и окно телепортации по близосте появление Raid Boss
    Respawn Raid Boss will be 12 hours (not tied to the evening respawn) - Drop boss raid can be viewed through "shift click"
    Party Matching - quick search for the right group for going to the instance, RB, farm and other events! You can call the initial window with the .lfg command or the button "search for group" if you do not see the button "search for group" use the key combination "alt + L"

    After entering the message which party you want to collect, this message is sent to the server’s game chat, and the group collector window opens for you.


    If this group suits you, you click on the "?" and you get applicants for an invitation to a group[​IMG]

    By clicking on the nickname you can see the whole equip that is dressed on the character, including sharpening and att. - This view is only available if you have a PA! Invite - invites the seeker to the party. Adds it immediately to the party, without waiting for a response to the request.

    [​IMG] Comands for server chat:
    .cfg - Various personal settings
    .epic - Displays rep epic bosses
    .leave - allows you to leave the event, if possible.
    .buffer - Buff Scheme Name - A quick way to buff your character without opening the buffer!
    .whoiam - Additional information about your character
    .recall - Summon all clan members to the leader. The cost is 20kk adena. Rollback 5 minutes.
    .repair - If your character can not enter the game (crashed, or loads only before the splash screen), use this command with another character from the same account. It will send your character to the nearest city, and will move things to the warehouse
    .autocp - Automatic use of CP / HP / MP potion.
    .ping - You can see this ping to the server.
    .relog - Safe re-login.
    .ipro - Turns on a protection from items scam when you pass a character to a party or clan.
    .unipro - Turns off a protection from items scam.
    .norecall - Turns off the ability to summon and then items scam after killing the boss.
    .lfg - Fast searh party for Raid Boss/instance/etc

    Olympiad Details

    The duration of the Olympiad is 10 days.
    The start of the Olympics on January 20.
    Maximum sharpening at the Olympics: weapons +10, armor and jewelry +8 Sharpening on Olympus drops to +10 weapons, + 8 armor
    130 fights per week, 60 for class 60 extra-class, 10 3x3 fights.
    The end of the period of the Olympiad on January 30, the issuance of heroism on January 31.

    [​IMG] Enchants and attribute
    Maximum enchant and chance of enchant
    Weapon - Maximum enchant +16

    Chance: 100,100,100,73,69,63,63,58,58,58,58,58,58,58,58,53
    Armor - Maximum enchant+16
    Chance: 100,100,100,73,69,63,63,58,58,58,58,58,58,58,58,53
    Jewles- Maximum enchant+16
    Chance: 100,100,100,73,69,63,63,58,58,58,58,58,58,58,58,53

    [​IMG] Chance insert attribute
    Weapon - 60%
    Armor- 60%

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