[L2OFF-C4] Valkyrie x7 [Open Beta]

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    Hello guys good afternoon, im working with one project l2off c4 with source, i want players to test the server everything is retail inside the game, everyone can join ofcourse you need to send me in discord private message for account creation, when you login in game you already will be GM to test everything ingame with your gm character, make clans test sieges pvps wars quests skills etc.

    Client: C4 Scions of Destiny

    Patch: https://mega.nz/file/4NMiRBLL#P_cmHIiCFDY2oASWzOS_rGEK9vNB4j9-oDO9XNPlz14 [Inside the patch have and one .txt with GM commands for any newbie tester needs.]

    Discord: https://discord.gg/BRSsuRBb

    Account Creation: Send me private message in discord for what id and password you want, and when make a character automatic will be GM.

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