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    Dear players, we want to announce about our new PVP Custom x1000 Server Grand Opening! There will be a really hot start with many players, big clans and huge online playing communities. We have worked hard to deliver the best chronicles realization, many useful services and functionality. The best players, who play Lineage II, choose L2PVP! You will make tons of new friends here. We will give to you that feelings wich others servers can`t suggest.

    GRAND OPENING - 2020/06/13

    Server Rates:
    Xp / Sp - 1000x
    Aden / Drop - 1x
    Weight Limit -10x


    Retail olympiad game.
    Olympiad Starts: 18:00
    Olympiad Ends: 24:00
    Period: 1 week
    Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00
    Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday


    Safe Enchant: +5
    Max. Enchant Normal Scroll / blessed: +20
    Max. Enchant Crystal: +25

    Additional Information:

    Main town - Giran.
    Wedding system.
    Auto learn skills
    B/A grade items - free.
    Armors: Titanium, Dark Knight and Dynasty.
    Weapons Custom: S, Epic, Dynasty and Icarus.
    Accessorios +100/+350.
    Tattoo's and Epic Boss.
    All boss Chaotic Zone.
    NO-BS in Area-PvP.
    Party Zone Special Drops.
    Area Farm Zone Custom.
    Max 36 Players per clan in chaotic Zone.
    Chance Min Debuffs - 10%.
    Chance Max Debuffs - 90%.
    Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes.
    SubClase Quest - Not needed.
    Quest Noblesses - Last Hit Barakiel Nobles.
    Class Master - Yes.
    Off-line Shop mode - Yes.
    Auto Learn Skills - Yes.
    Auto Learn Loot - Yes.
    Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - No.
    Champions System - No.
    Wedding System - Yes.
    Server is secured with Smartguard.

    Server Comands:

    .menu - Personal config.
    .online - How many players online.
    .boss - Show boss respawn time.

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