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    L2Top Co Maintenance 18-11-2023
    Cleaned up forum threads
    Removed 280 inactive servers.
    Regenerated XML sitemaps for better SEO
    Removed a few advertisement banners from the main page and other pages
    Changed Banner prices
    Changed Premium price
    Changed Main page premium highlight server price
    Now you can buy votes for your l2server
    Now you can vote for an inactive server that is not approved so players can get API vote rewads.

    Updated TOS
    In order to get listed in L2TOP.CO from 1st Dec you need to have a premium account
    We don't accept free servers from 1st Dec 2023
    All Active servers will be deactivated taking effect from 1st Dec 2023
    View L2Top Co Statistics from 1 Aug 23 - 17 Nov 23 Here

    From 2nd Dec we plan to run advertisements on all social media networks including Google ads with a high budget.

    Being with us you will be promoted when someone searches for example top interlude server in Google you will come 1st in the Google search engine randomly from our premium servers that are listed in l2top.co + you will have more traffic on your website while we will deactivate all free servers.

    List your Lineage 2 Private Server and get High-Quality Traffic from Discord Premium, Google Ads, FB Ads, and TikTok Ads. Starting from 2nd Dec!

    Check all premium benefits that you get Here
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