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    Version 3.5 features:

    Improved rank system
    Improved clan window and new Clan Wars
    Added new items: Venir's Talisman (+compound), new Belt of Dragon (+enchant), Talisman of Speed (+enchant), new Lifestones, new Pedants of Dragon (upgrade + enchant)
    New Blessed items system, added Blessed Stones
    Updated buffs to new levels
    Elixirs for Stats System
    System of Random Cration

    Our Advantages:

    Bringing the most genuine official-like classic experience
    Made from 100% self-developments and from thorough communications with developers. Powered by l2Athan Enterprise Engine (quality leader).
    Multi-Character access from just ONE account!
    Comfort: auto-farm and auto-use
    Concept for craft S-Grade

    Server Rates:

    Exp / Sp - x7
    Adena - x4
    Exp / Sp RaidBoss - x1.0
    Attribute Exp - x2
    Drop rate - x2.0
    Spoil chance - x2.0
    RB - x1.0
    Epic Drop rate - x1.0
    Quest Rates Exp / Sp - x2
    Aden quest rates - x2

    1st, 2nd & 3rd class change : Free! (Autoclass Transfer)

    Server Features :

    Classic 3.5 (Client 235 protocol).

    - New bot protection - bot no work
    - Full S Grade Weapon/Armor , New hunting zones - Imperial Tomb & Four Sepulchers, New Epic Raidboss , and many more exciting features!
    - Daily Automated TvT Events with massive rewards and PvP
    - Farmable VipCoin to purchase all the finest goods from Dimensional Merchant.
    - Siege through many clans to claim the thrones of your desired castles, Castle owners comes with donation rewards!
    - Clan can have up to 80 players
    - D grades and Consumibles at Alt+B shop
    - No Auto Buffs (Pj buff sale), you They can use Sayha's from l2store buying L-Coin or farming Vipcoin to buy them in the Dimensional Merchant
    - Competitive Olympiad matches for Weekly Heroes, announced on every Sunday 12:00 GMT+02!
    - Active and friendly GMs to provide the best player supports

    VIP System and L2Store

    VIP is a multi-level bonus system for a gaming account. The system has 7 levels, to achieve each level you need a certain
    number of points.
    Points can be obtained by spending money in the game store.
    When you buy in a gaming shop 100% of the L-Coin are converted into VIP points.

    The withdrawal of VIP points takes place after 30 days of the last change in the VIP level.
    Status and information about VIP is presented in the game after clicking on the VIP button

    Dimensional Merchant VIPCoin.

    you will receive VIP coins depending on the level while killing mobs. For these coins you can buy some items in the game store (Dimensional Merchant)



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