Rank: Server not listed! L2MyDream

General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

  • Check Lineage 2 server

Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x500
  • SP Rates:
  • x500
  • Adena Rates:
  • x250
  • Drop Rate:
  • x1
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x1
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 4
  • Max Enchant:
  • 16
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 65%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 1675%

Server Description / Features

ww.l2Mydream.eu will organize an event that will be done once a week
is a contest that will show that experienced and good players will be earning
this event is made in a way to try to make money
try to join and sign up for the event you must have received 2 € donation
the event will be 1 vs 1..
and the winner who will win this event will receive a prize money for the players with their participation
I will give you an example to understand what I mean we have 30 players participating in the event
30x2=60 € the winner will be paid directly with PayPal
I think it's a good opportunity to make money Do not miss it I'm waiting for you all
sign up for event www.l2mydream.eu
and the winner earns money through paypal

Server UpTime

At left we have percentage bar and bottom the days!

Server Banners

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showing many usefull informations.

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