What is a Pledge Crest ?
A pledge crest is an icon/sign/mark that appears near to your name like in the example below:

In order to set a crest, your pledge must be at least level 3.

How to set a crest for your pledge :
If your pledge is at least level 3, you will need to copy your emblem to a directory in your computer [for example C:\] and then log into the game.

Push ALT+C once in game to bring up the clan panel, and click Set Crest. It will ask you where it's stored, type in the directory [for example C:\crest.bmp] and click set. That`s all. You should have a clan crest near your name and near your clan member's names.

Note: If you want to create your own emblem create a 16x12 pixels grafic with a graphic editor and save it as a 256 color *.bmp file. AND don`t forget to send it to as so we can put it here ;)

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Lineage 2 Clan Crests 2003-2014


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Lineage 2 Clan Crests 2015-2019

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