Rank: Server not listed! L2Hera

General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

  • Check Lineage 2 server

Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x1200
  • SP Rates:
  • x1200
  • Adena Rates:
  • x1200
  • Drop Rate:
  • x1200
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x1200
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 7
  • Max Enchant:
  • 25
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 60%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 90%

Server Description / Features

RATES\\r\\n\\r\\nXP: 1000x / SP: 1000x / Drop: 1x / Spoil: 1x\\r\\n\\r\\nAUTOMATIC EVENTS\\r\\nHera 2 vs 2\\r\\nHera 6 vs 6\\r\\nRandom Fight 1 vs 1\\r\\nTeam vs Team\\r\\nCapture the Flag\\r\\nDeathmatch\\r\\nPeloponnesian War\\r\\nCaptureThem(Solo)\\r\\nTeam CaptureThem\\r\\nHera War\\\'s\\r\\nProtect The Boss\\r\\nKill The Enemies Team\\r\\n\\r\\nNPC EVENTS\\r\\n\\r\\nSolo Farm(Require Noblesse To Enter)\\r\\nParty Farm(Require x2 Boss Medal To Enter)\\r\\nDungeon Event With Stages[Easy,Medium,Hard]-(Require Noblesse To Enter)\\r\\n\\r\\nEXTRA EVENTS\\r\\n\\r\\nPlayer Of The Hour Event[Every 1Hour With Special Rewards]\\r\\nHero Boss Event[Manually Starts From Staff Member\\\'s]\\r\\nAUGMENT SYSTEM\\r\\nMid Life Stone : 5%\\r\\nHigh Life Stone : 10%\\r\\nTop Life Stone : 15%\\r\\n\\r\\nENCHANT SYSTEM\\r\\n\\r\\nYOU CANT ENCHANT HERO WEAPONS\\r\\n\\r\\nSafe Enchant Armor/Weapon : +3\\r\\n\\r\\nNormal Weapon Max Enchant : +14\\r\\nNormal Armor Max Enchant : +10\\r\\n\\r\\nBlessed Weapon Max Enchant : +14\\r\\nBlessed Armor Max Enchant : +10\\r\\n\\r\\nCrystall Weapon Min Enchant : +14\\r\\nCrystall Armor Min Enchant : +10\\r\\nCrystall Weapon Max Enchant : +16\\r\\nCrystall Armor Max Enchant : +12\\r\\n\\r\\nNormal Scroll : 60%\\r\\nBlessed Scroll : 80% ( If Enchant Fail Go Back To +3 )\\r\\nCrystal Scroll (Armor) : 40% (From +10 to +12 If Enchant Fail Go Back To +8 )\\r\\nCrystal Scroll (Weapon) : 40% (From +14 to +16 If Enchant Fail Go Back To +8 )\\r\\n\\r\\nHERA NPC\\\'S\\r\\n\\r\\nIF YOU WANT TO HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT NPCS CHECK PHOTOS FROM GALLERY\\r\\n\\r\\nGlobal Gatekeeper\\r\\nRaidBoss Teleporter\\r\\nParty / Clan Gatekeeper\\r\\nBoss Manager(Respawn Times)\\r\\nObservetion Manager(Boss Locations)\\r\\nAccount Manager\\r\\nWedding Manager\\r\\nClan Manager\\r\\nTop Manager(Include Everything)\\r\\nBuffer / Scheme Buffer / Buff Seller\\r\\nAugmenter\\r\\nSubClass Manager ( ALL IN ONE )\\r\\nWarehouse Manager\\r\\nSkill Enchanter\\r\\nSymbol Manager\\r\\nClass Trader\\r\\nCasino Manager\\r\\nSiege Manager ( ONLY GIRAN CASTLE FOR MORE ACTION )\\r\\nHera Shop\\r\\nService\\\'s Manager\\r\\nDonate Manager\\r\\nBase Class Changer\\r\\nTitle Color Manager\\r\\nVote Manager\\r\\n\\r\\nCOMMANDS\\r\\n\\r\\n.menu\\r\\n.raidinfo\\r\\n.repair\\r\\n.secure\\r\\n.toppvp\\r\\n.dressme\\r\\n.offline_shop\\r\\n\\r\\nCUSTOM SYSTEMS\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Pin Code System\\r\\nRequire second password at the enter + RECOVERY ANSWER this automatically enable to all characters in your account\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Secure System\\r\\nTo disable this system and enable TRADE / SELL / AUGMENT / DEPOSIT / WITHDRAW type .secure and fill the box with your RECOVERY ASNWER\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Account System\\r\\nTo change your password you need your RECOVERY ASNWER\\r\\n\\r\\n@- DressMe System\\r\\nTo enable this feature first you need activate your dressme coin and type .dressme\\r\\n\\r\\n@- VIP System\\r\\nTo use this feature first you need activate your vipcoin then you have x2 Drop Rate & Augment Change 10% / 15% / 20%\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Cursed System\\r\\nAkamanah & Zarich Weapons Enabled\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Pvp Zone System\\r\\nPvp Zone change every 1 hour to Mid Life Stone / High Life Stone / Top Life Stone\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Pvp Speed Zone System\\r\\nSpecial zone with super haste skill increase only run speed to taste something special\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Olympiad System\\r\\nEvery week\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Noblesse System\\r\\nTo become noblesse you need to complete H E R A letters or buy with event coin\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Enchant Announce System\\r\\nAnnounce successfully enchant at +15 & +16\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Clan Notice System\\r\\nAnnounce clan members your message at every login\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Monument PvP System\\r\\nPlayer with the most pvps in 24h appear at giran like npc\\r\\n\\r\\n@- Client & Bot Protection\\r\\nServer protected with protection client & in-game side

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