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General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

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Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x50
  • SP Rates:
  • x50
  • Adena Rates:
  • x55
  • Drop Rate:
  • x55
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x50
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 4
  • Max Enchant:
  • 12
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 75%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 80%

Server Description / Features

Check out all the information from our server below:

Chronicle: High Five Part 5
Opening Date: 15/01/2020 at 17:00(GMT +2)

Game Specs:
- Private High Five server files, not L2J not public files.
- Lineage 2 High Five Full.
- Donation System
- Stable. No lag. (Depending on your location you may experience delay, this has nothing to do with our server.)
- All newbie have top no-grade weapon and armors.
- Cursed weapons Zariche and Akamanah working.
- Commercial (not public) Geodata.
- All features from High Five working.


Experience : x1000
Skill Points: x1000
Adena: x1000
Drop: x1000(Recs-Keys 1x)
Spoil: x1000
Quest Drop: x1-x3
Quest Reward: x1
Rate Extract Fish: x5
Manor: x5
Weight: x5
Safe Enchant: 6
Max Enchant: 12
Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%
Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 85%


Server, Site and Forum Time GMT+1
Buffs, Dances and songs Duration 2 hours
Buff Slots 48 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
Dance and Songs Slots 12
Max. Clients per PC 4
Sieges and TWs every weekend to promote more pvp and more fun!
2 Weeks Olympiad : every 1st and 15th of the month there will be new heroes.
Olympiads Max Enchant +6
Anti-Bot (New Unique System)
Sub-Class without quest, Max sub Level 85
Class Master 1st class 1k, 2nd class 250k, 3rd class 15kk
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Learn Loot
Champions System
Wedding System
Near + inside grandboss PVP zones


Buffer - 2 hours buffs (buffs everywhere without flag / attack mode)
Teleport zones
Shop - up to low S84 grade [only in peace zone]


Last Man Standing
Capture the Flag

Server UpTime

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