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General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

  • Check Lineage 2 server

Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x15
  • SP Rates:
  • x15
  • Adena Rates:
  • x7
  • Drop Rate:
  • x3
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x3
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 3
  • Max Enchant:
  • 20
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 60%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 60%

Server Description / Features

x7 Exp
x7 SP
х7 Adena (1 to 60Lv.) x5 (61 to 80.)
х1 Drop quantity
х3 Drop chance
х3 Spoil
x5 Seal Stones
x3 Raid Boss Drop Quantity
x3 Raid Boss Drop Chance
x1 Epic drop
x5 Quest rewards Adena
x10 Quest rewards Exp
*If you get Premium +50% к Exp, Sp, Adena, Spoil, Drop.

x3 Gather The Flames
x3 Relics of the Old Empire
x4 The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest)
x5 Clean Up the Swamp of Screams
x3 Supplier of Reagents
x3 Alliance with Ketra Orcs, Varka Silenos
x3 War with Ketra Orcs,Varka Silenos
x3 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1
x4 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 2
x6 Legacy of Insolence
x2 Whisper of Dreams, Part 1
x3 Whisper of Dreams, Part 2
x10 The Finest Food (the quest is available with a third profession)
x1 Egg Delivery и Specialty Liquor Delivery (the quest is available with obtaining the third profession)
x5 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
x5 In Search of Fragments of Dimension
x10 Rise and Fall of the Elroki
x5 Guardians of the Holy Grail (MoS)
x5 Seekers of the Holy Grail (Pogan Temple)
x5 Halisha's marks
x5 Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints)
x5 Necromancer's Request
x5 In the Forgotten Village
x10 An Ice Merchant's Dream
x10 Delicious Top Choice Meat
x5 Coin of Magic (Chance)

The Client features all the major pluses from the High Five chronicles:
Beautiful, optimized and stable client
Рadena limit has been expanded from 2.147kkk to 99kkk.
Copy+Paste works
Alt+click removal of buffs is supported
Mail is supported
Supported teleport to saved flags
Convenient filter by Private Store Buy/Sell/Manufacture in the marketplace
Shift+click items into chat
Support for separate quest inventory
Handy party matchmaking from HF client
The number of macros has been expanded to 48
More informative and structured inventory
Skill sharpening is available in the tab with your abilities
Automatic cache clearing.
and much more, just come and see for yourself.

Each new character appears in the starting location and has in their inventory:
Best (No Grade) weapons and jewelry and set (Mages in Devotion, warriors in Wooden set).
Запас Soulshots и Spirishots (No Grade).
Scrolls of teleport to Giran Town - 3 pcs.
Getting all professions without a quest is available for Adena and Coin of Luck from NPC Service Manager.
Shadow Coupon is given for shadow weapons after gaining a profession.
Free teleport up to level 40.
All cities and starting locations have a NPC Buffer and a Game Manager with everything you need.

• All locations and basic mechanics on Interlude chronicles.
• The modified skills for each class can be found in a separate Class Balance section.
• There is no limit to the number of windows.
• The maximum level is 80
• Number of buff slots: 24+4 (Ancient Book Divine Inspiration)
• Buffer (Support Manager) - duration of the buff is 2 hours. It is possible to create and use profiles and ready-made sets.
• GM shop (Game Manager) - has everything you need, D - B grade for Adena, consumables and Soul&Spiritshots up to B grade.
• Donation shop - jewelry, costumes, consumables, runes, starter kits and raffle boxes.
• Service Manager - gaining professions, premium and more.
• Mana Porion - restores 1000 mana, 10 sec roll.
• Excellent Big Head Potion - increase MP regeneration by 100% and HP by 50%, duration 20 minutes.
• Removed from the drop: books and amulets.
• Automatic skill learning - skills correspond to the current level of the character.
• When experience is lost along with the level reduction, skills are lost as well.
• Limit gaining experience in a group to 20 levels.
• Game menu command .menu - offline trading, experience locking and other useful commands.
• Automatic drop selection (autoloot) except for Raid Boss.
• Raid Boss drop priority by "DPS" 5 minutes (to the group that deals the most RB damage).
• The bonuses from the SA (Special Abillities) insertion have been changed to make some A-S Grade weapons relevant.
• Two-handed magic staffs have increased M.Atack.
• Some set bonuses of A-S Grade armor have been changed.
• Added rare Masterwork items with unique bonuses.
• Town of Giran has an area for crafters with increased MP regeneration.

Basic skill mechanics - Interlude chronicles.
All races and classes have had their skills reworked some skills, added new ones from the chronicles above with changed pass chance, damage, etc.
For a complete list of changes for each class, please see : Class Balance.
General changes:
- The maximum critical hit chance of magic skills is 70%.
- All types of domes require fewer charges.
- When wearing heavy armor, archers and daggers have a 50% reduced chance to dodge.
- When re-spent in play, the servant's positive effects are retained.
- Sharpening skills from NPCs is now impossible - implemented directly in the interface.

The event of the Seven Seals (Seven Sings) and the related work of the catacombs and necropolises:
Struggle Period (Event Period) from Mon. 18:15 to Mon. 06:00,
Seal Period from Fri. 6:15 to Mon. 18:00
From the start of the server on Friday, catacombs and necropolises will be closed completely until Monday 18:15 (MSC).
All mamon functions have been added to Game Manager under "Service".

What Premium gives you:
1. Ratings : +50% to Exp, Sp, Adena, Spoil, Drop.
If there are non-Premium players in the group, the drop/spoil/adena raits will average out, Premium players will get exp/sp with a bonus.
If a spoiler with a PA and a character outside the group kills a mob, spoiler with bonus.
If the spoiler is without PA, and a character outside the group with PA kills a mob, the spoiler is without bonus.
It's the chance of spoiling that increases, not the number of spoils.
It is the number of Adena that increases, not the chance.
Works on Raid Bosses.
Valid for 1 character only, not per account.
Premium bonuses can additionally be stacked with runes.
2. The Block Buff skill is toggle, allowing you to block all positive spells.
3. Increase the weight carried, maximize inventory, and increase the number of items on display for the personal store.
4. Premium Buffer - The skill allows you to summon Premium Support Manager for 30 seconds. Cannot be used in combat and in some PvP zones near epics.

The cycle of the Olympiad is standard 1 month.
• Battles take place Daily from 16:00 to 23:50.
• The number of points awarded has been increased to 68.
• The minimum number of players required to start matches is 3 in class competitions and 3 out of class competitions.
• Protection by hwid, limiting participation from multiple windows.
• The fights take place in 4 different stadiums with closed doors.
• HP/MP/CP is restored 10 seconds before combat begins.
• The Fortune of Noblesse skill has been redesigned to make it easier for all Nobles to cast positive spells from items.
• Support spells have been redesigned for each class and are cast automatically at the start of combat.

All raid and epic bosses are subject to the loot picking rule - by the amount of damage dealt "DPS", 5 minutes !
All Raid Bosses are standard, additionally lowered magic defense for variation in group building on Raid Boss kills.
Level 87 Raid Boss Excellent Boss - Daily from 20:00 to 22:00
Level 79 Raid Boss Longhorn Golkonda - revival after death 8h +-30 minutes.
Level 75 Raid Boss Kernon - revival after death 8h +-30 minutes.
Level 73 Raid Boss Death Lord Hallate - revival after death 8h +-30 minutes.
Level 80 Raid Boss Shilens Messenger Cabrio - revival after death 8h +-30 minutes.
Level 80 Raid Boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel - revival after death 8h +-30 minutes.
All others are standard.
On our server in addition to the original epic jewelry extracted from epic bosses there are 3 analogs:
1. Temporary epic costume jewelry for 3 days for participating in the Olympics. Has 50% bonuses from the original. Can be purchased from Olympiad Shop from Npc Grand Olympiad Manager for Olympiad Coin.
2. Lottery (Excellent) with bonuses like the original costume jewelry, the main difference from the original is that it can not be transferred, to get these items is possible only with Fortune Box with a very low chance. (You can see the list of chances in a separate article).
3. Fake costume jewelry. We call it Replica and it has 50% of the bonuses of the original.
You can get it from NPC Divine Furnace in Luxore Shop - Giran Town.
To make an exact copy of epic costume jewelry, you need to find the right number of fragments.
Divine Furnace can also melt down unclaimed epic costume jewelry into what you need. Epic is always at a premium.
To get a fragment you need to hit an epic raid boss and be within a 5000 unit radius when it dies. Even if you are killed you get the fragment in your quest inventory. If the character has gone into relogin or is outside the radius of issuance - item will not be received!
• Safe sharpening +3. On failure (blessed scroll) resets to 0.
• Maximum sharpening: weapons +20 , armor +20 , jewelry +20.
• Balanced sharpening chance.
• The odds are the same for both normal and Blessed scrolls.
• The chance of sharpening the C-B grade is slightly higher.
• Added Ancient Scroll - on failure the item's sharpening remains the same and can be obtained from Fortune Box. For weapons the maximum sharpening is +12, for armor +8.

Masterwork items are rare items (masterwork) obtained by crafting, 8% chance. They have an additional bonus.

General information and working principle of Masterwork:
- Masterwork costume jewelry can only be S Grade.
- Masterwork armor (gloves, boots, helmet, and shield) can only be A-S Grade.
- Masterwork weapons can only be (top A) Grade and S Grade (except Tallum Blade).
- Masterwork Tallum Blade*Dark Legion's Edge requires Masterwork Dark Legion's Edge and a regular Tallum Blade.
- Masterwork Damascus*Tallum Blade requires a Masterwork Tallum Blade and a regular Damascus Blade.
- Masterwork costume jewelry bonus does not stack, i.e. when wearing two Tateossian Ring Masterwork, the bonus will only work for one, similar to how it works with epic costume jewelry.
- Masterwork armor can only be gloves, boots, and helmet.
- The Masterwork item gives a passive skill when worn. The skill is active even when not in a set.
- Any Masterwork can replace a similar normal and the set bonus will work.
- Only AA (Ancient Adena) is needed from Mamon the Blacksmith to break the seal.
- Weapons do not need to be unsealed.

Pets are no longer for furniture and beauty, now they can be useful. Develop them and they will do you good!
The concept of the system is taken from the chronicles above, however, the skills and characteristics of the pets are adapted to our server.
Altered pets:
- Improved Baby Coguar/Buffalo/Kookabura - these are not battle pets, they are meant to help their master with new enhancement magic and healing.
- Wolves - combat pets that will help you when farming mobs and RBs.
- Maunts - non-combat transformations, for fast movement.
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