Rank: 58th L2DEAD

General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

  • Check Lineage 2 server

Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x25
  • SP Rates:
  • x25
  • Adena Rates:
  • x25
  • Drop Rate:
  • x25
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x25
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 3
  • Max Enchant:
  • 21
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 85%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 85%

Server Description / Features

Hello everyone are welcome to LA2 LM, our server will debut Feb. 10,\r\ncount on the presence of everyone in our humble servant, very dedicated,\r\nwith several events and active protections below some information from our server.\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: SERVER INFORMATIONS :::::::::::...\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: RATES SERVER :::::::::::...\r\nRate Experience Points = 800x\r\nRate Skill Points = 800x\r\nRate Adena = 800x\r\nDrop Item Crafter = 800x\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: ENCHANT SERVER :::::::::::...\r\nSafe Enchant = +6\r\nMax Enchant Weapon = +25\r\nMax Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +20\r\nScroll Enchant = Chance of success varied enchantment!\r\nBlessed Enchant = 90% chance of success\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: REWARDS & EVENTS :::::::::::...\r\nTvT Event = 150 Token Event\r\nCTF Event = 150 Token Event\r\nTW Event = 30 Token Event by PvP\r\nDM Event = 150 Token Event\r\nSiege Reward = The Clan Castle Winner receives a prize to all players at the end of the siege Online!\r\nWeekend Reward = Events prepared by staff LA2 LM for all weekend!\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: SYSTEMS :::::::::::...\r\nOlympiads 100%\r\nCastle Siege 100%\r\nSeven Signs 100%\r\nDuel System 100%\r\nHero System 100%\r\n.away = Command to missing players!\r\nMagic Eye - Magic Item used to Offline Trade!\r\nTvT System 100%\r\nCTF System 100%\r\nDM System 100%\r\nWEDDING SYSTEM 100%\r\nAll Balanced Classes 100% Retail\r\nSTART BUFFS Fighter and Mage 100%\r\nSTART ADENA AND CRAFT ITENS 100%\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: CUSTOM ITEM :::::::::::...\r\nTitanium + Skills Passives 100%\r\nClan Oath + Skills Passives 100%\r\nTattos Might LvL 1,2,3,4,5 (Precision) AND LvL 6 (Full) --> Fighter\r\nTattos Greater LvL 1,2,3,4,5 (Precision) AND LvL 6 (Full) -- > Mage\r\nDusk Shield - Unique Item\r\nOBS : Weapons retail only, will not have custom weapons\r\n\r\n...::::::::::: AREAS DROP :::::::::::...\r\nGludin Village - Peace Zone\r\nIris Lake - Drop Zone ( PvP )\r\nSaints Necropolis - ( PVP ZONE )\r\nGiran Harbor - Boss Zone

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