Rank: Beta Server! L2FamilyDSThis is a Lineage 2 Beta server

General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

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Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x7
  • SP Rates:
  • x7
  • Adena Rates:
  • x3
  • Drop Rate:
  • x5
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x5
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 4
  • Max Enchant:
  • 16
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 60%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 70%

Server Description / Features

7x High Five server\r\n\r\nWelcome to our server, a low rate High Five l2j server with some mid rate features for more fun and an easier gameplay. We promise you a long term server without any items or unbalanced features for sale.\r\nFeatures\r\n\r\n- Exp. 7x, skill points 7x, drop 5x, adena 3x, spoil 3x\r\n- Champions monsters with festival adena drop (max lv. 76)\r\n- Accessories shop (available with festival adena)\r\n- Enchant: safe +4 max +16\r\n- Olympiad max enchant +6\r\n- Olympiad Heroes every 2 weeks \r\n- Team vs Team event (festival adena reward)\r\n- Weight limit 5x\r\n- Auto learn skills (except forgotten scrolls)\r\n- Auto learn Divine Inspiration\r\n- .changepassword command\r\n- GM Shop up to S grade\r\n- Custom PvE mana potions with 10s reuse delay (cannot use them in PvP) \r\n- Auto loot items and adena from monsters / manual pick up for herbs and raid bosses\r\n- 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfer without any quest\r\n- Subclass without quest\r\n- Subclass max lv. 85\r\n- Buffs/Dances/Songs 2 hours duration\r\n- Scheme buffer (up to 4 schemes)\r\n- Delevel manager\r\n- Zaken instance min players: 9\r\n- Frintezza instance min players: 9\r\n- Freya easy and hard instance min players: 9

Server UpTime

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