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General Information:

Server Statistics:

  • Status

  • Check Lineage 2 server

Server Features:

  • XP Rates:
  • x50
  • SP Rates:
  • x50
  • Adena Rates:
  • x50
  • Drop Rate:
  • x10
  • Spoil Rate:
  • x10
  • Safe Enchant:
  • 3
  • Max Enchant:
  • 25
  • Ench.Rate:
  • 66%
  • Blessed Rate:
  • 66%

Server Description / Features

SERVER DESCRIPTION\r\nNo 100% enchant scroll, glowing NPCs like garlands, wings and other nonsense\r\nCoin of Luck can be obtained by game or by voting for the server\r\nHelp for new players, simple lvlap\r\n\r\nSERVER RATES\r\nEXP/SP (and for quests): x50\r\nAdena (and for quests): x50\r\nDrop: x10\r\nSeal Stones: x5\r\nManor: x5\r\nSpoil: x10\r\nKey materials drop / Spoil: x1 with premium x2\r\nFishing: x10\r\nEnchant 25% after +6\r\n\r\nPROFESSION\r\n1 profession - 3 000 aden\r\n2 profession - 30 000 aden\r\n3 profession - kill the Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard monsters in the Wall of Argos and collect 700 Halisha\'s Badge\r\n\r\nGAME FEATURES\r\nAutomatic restart every Saturday at 5:00 am Moscow time\r\nALT+B (teleport, shop, buff, professions, service)\r\nBuff 1 hour\r\nAuto learning skills\r\nEpic RB spawn and kill announcement\r\nThe maximum level for the sub class is 80, the hero\'s skills when changing the sub class\r\nSub class without quest\r\nProfessions for Adena\r\nGM shop up to B grade\r\nAuction at the NPC in all cities, for the sale and return of 100 000 000 adena\r\nRestore mana potion 800 MP, cooldown 7 seconds\r\nQuick Healing Potion 5 seconds\r\nBuff blocking skill\r\nThe amount and chance of dropping HP from Tyrannosaurus has been increased\r\nClan hall auction only at clan level 8\r\nCan\'t wear Heavy for archers and daggers\r\nEarring of Orfen additional stat CON+1 MEN+1\r\nRing of Core additional stat CON+1 MEN+1\r\n\r\nOLYMPIAD\r\n7 days olympiad period\r\nThe Olympiad runs every day from 22:00 before 00:00 MCK.\r\nNo restrictions on HWID/IP.\r\nOfficial Olympiad, no heal 5 seconds before the start of the match as on the java server\r\nHero skills for the sub class\r\nCompetition 3 VS 3\r\nCompetition in its type Mages VS Mages and Warriors VS Warriors

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